Text In-Transit Panels Printed!

Text In-Transit Panels back from the printers

Danielle and I picked up 84 of the Text In-Transit panels back from the printers today. We didn’t even open up the packages though, hoping to save the surprise for when we actually get to install them.

We are excited!

8 Replies to “Text In-Transit Panels Printed!”

    1. i bet bus riders would totally hate that panel since our transit routes are basically the worst and sometimes require a lot of walking and waiting to get places. whereas a car would solve all of their transportation problems.

  1. NICE!! I like them all, but especially “you are right where you need to be”. very poignant.

    1. There’s not a confirmed date yet, but I’m thinking it will be in the next couple weeks (hopefully in the latter part of the next couple of weeks so you’re back in town!)

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