The History of LEDs

In a post on MAKE about how to embed 720p videos from YouTube, I found this great, short video about the history of LEDs and some quick notes at the end about the simplest way to make them work. I’m on the case of looking into getting a bulk order of LEDs from DigiKey.

Oh, and to embed 720p video (when available) add this to the embed source &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 or add this to the url just to watch a video on the YouTube page in 720p &fmt=22 … adding &fmt=18 will make any video play in high-quality h264 encoding.

3 Replies to “The History of LEDs”

  1. I like the brief history lesson. it’s about time they got on that 720p tip. Also off the 10 minute upload limit.

  2. I agree, the 10 minute limit on YouTube is overly-shaping what can be seen as tolerable media lengths. But would you be willing to have Google Ads over your 20 minute video?

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