Vanessa Harden: the Subversive Gardening


Canadian-born / UK-based designer, Vanessa Harden has invented a number of camouflaged devices meant to ease the process of guerrilla gardening.

Among things like ankle-attached mechanical seed distribution, briefcases that dig holes, and purses designed to easily carry plants to the site of installation, Harden hacked a Pentax camera to create what she calls, the Precision Bombing Device 1, pictured above.


An exploded (no pun intended) diagram of the device shows its simplicity. You can see more photos of a number of her projects on her flickr stream.

And here’s a demo of the Precision Bombing Device 1 in action.

[via Design Boom]

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  1. Hi again,

    I’m looking to get in touch with Vanessa to talk to her about the Guerrilla Gardening??? Is she in Canada currently? Either way I’m really interested in interviewing her for a piece I’m doing about DIY Culture and Guerrilla Gardening.

    I am a student in Journalism school starting up an internal magazine called Goin’ SOLO. Please let me know if and when I can get in touch with Vanessa and how.
    Thank you very much

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