Wonderful Windsor Ringtone (updated!!!)

Windsor and Detroit from above circa 1960

You love Windsor, don’t you? Well, show your Windsor Pride by putting this ringtone on your phone! The zip file has an iPhone-ready m4r file along with a standard mp3 file AND NOW a MIDI version for any other phone not mp3-enabled. Preview the 25 second ringtone below:


If we could get someone to re-compose this melody in MIDI (thank you to Derek Harrison for transcribing the tune to MIDI), I’d challenge the entire city to use this ringtone for a week. Credit goes to Steven for originally coming across this song some time ago. From what I was able to find out about this, it was a 1960s radio jingle that used to be played on CKWW. Maybe you could also use this aerial photo from Windsor / Detroit made sometime in the 1960s.

5 Replies to “Wonderful Windsor Ringtone (updated!!!)”

  1. Done! This is the first time I’ve been compelled to use a downloaded ringtone, and I’m now happy when someone calls me. Thanks!

  2. love it.

    change the file extension on the ‘m4a’ file to ‘m4r’ and it works on your iPhone, just drag and drop into iTunes.

    1. Thanks Jakes – I added an m4r to the zip file (I had meant to do that in the first place, so thanks for reminding me and for the tip – didn’t realize it was as easy as just changing the extension!)

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