1. I sadly won’t be able to make the walk on November 30th, but I am looking forward to attending Artscape’s Placemaking Workshop December 1st!!!!!

  2. Eric Boucher

    Is there anyway the discussion Wednesday 18th could be recorded? Preferably via audio recorder?
    I can’t make it down and would LOVE to hear what is said and what happens!

    I’m kind of fixed on finding/using spoken word audio and mixing it with visuals — at least at the moment.

    Anyway — it would be great if a recording could happen!


    • Hey Eric, the philosophy thing is being put together by a prof in the philosophy department, so to get any recordings, you should probably talk to him. I won’t be able to make the event because of class, but maybe they were planning to do this anyways? His contact should be on the Windsor + Philosophy website.

      As always, can’t wait to see what you do next!

  3. Stephen Surlin

    Hey Eric,
    Maybe I could record the talk. I will be going to it. It might be good if you contact him and relay the info to me. I have one of those m-audio recorders.

  4. Eric Boucher

    Thanks! I’ll look into it. Your right, they could possibly be recording it as a podcast or something? I’m working on a few things right now – sort of fiction/non-fiction stuff. Maybe over the holidays we could set up a small screening — I’ll be back in Windsor for an extended period of time then. Again, thanks!

    That would be awesome. I’ll try to get in touch with him this afternoon.
    M-audio recorder would work great!

    I’m always fascinated with the progress you all are making in the city. Excited to catch up in the near future.

    Talk soon!

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