Homework Residency: Day 2, Voting on Rooftops & Other Endeavours

So, the report on Day 2 of our Homework Residency is going to be delayed, as we’re still gathering documentation. But, this picture seemed like a good start to introducing the day.

More to come, soon. Updated: there’s lots of photos that attempt to document the day, but it’s impossible to chart together a narrative to cover it all.

In the meantime, you can check out more on our Artists-in-ResidenceGet acquainted with everyone here!

The day began at the bus station, after breakfast.

Some of the residents arrived ahead and had played soccer on the roof of the parking garage. The ball they had used came to the large huddle in the Transit Windsor Downtown Terminal.

The day’s decisions were to be made through a voting system — the first decision was to head back to the rooftop.

Brett, Nick, Rodrigo.

Kelly, Zoe, Vesna.

Chloé addressing the group.

Leah making a point.

After discussion, everyone decides to head out and bread crumb themselves around downtown to pass a message. The last group to find a destination from which they can see one other group will begin the message.

Leah and Chloe stay on the roof.

Everyone else heading out into downtown Windsor.

Immony and Andrea at stop #2.

Chris and Brendan on another rooftop as stop #3.

Brendan points to Simon and Rodrigo at stop #4.

Simon and Rodrigo on Pelissier.

Nick atop the Pelissier parking garage with Zoe, pointing out a sightline.

Nick and Zoe point the rest of the group onward.

Kelly and Nicko at stop #5.

Charlie and Vesna at stop #6.

Brett and Megan at stop #7.

Laura, Jack, and Brennan at stop #8. They’ll start the message to pass all the way back to Leah and Chloé.

Messaging begins.

And, somewhere around 40 minutes later, everyone heads back to the last stop to play out the message they sent along.







Parts of the message are lost through distance, but it’s an interesting exercise to stretch collaboration across urban space. The rest of the day finds the residents splitting up in smaller groups creating more micro-projects, many of them based on exploring space and play.









Entries from Nick’s sketchbook.
















End of day discussion, back at the hotel.

Homework: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts, and our community partner the Art Gallery of Windsor.