Collaboration in Caribou

I saw this in a newsletter from Ableton. Being a fan and user of the software, I watched this video on how Caribou uses the program live, and it struck me as an interesting view on collaboration.

While there’s a given song structure, at any time, anyone on stage can trigger loops, restructure the song, and introduce new elements, all while moving in a common direction, but without knowing exactly when they’ve arrived at their destination.

Maybe a good model for thinking about collaboration.

2 Replies to “Collaboration in Caribou”

  1. Awesome! I saw this briefly a couple days ago, it might have been from you.
    It’s interesting to think of how possible the parameters of the program make it to collaborate, or how advantageous it must be to use for collaborators because of its function. Makes me think of others modes of things, rules or guidelines, that can help people collaborate.
    Interesting as well, is how he keeps mentioning that only he works on the songs alone at home (or wherever), but the live band is so willing to contribute to the live part as a shared goal.

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