Paris Street View

We’ve posted about the emerging Google Street View found photography sub-genre before. Michael Wolf is another artist using found GSV images to capture the absurd, banal, and occasionally poetic existence of modern street life. When compared with candid photography, Google Street View images present an infinitely larger database of frozen moments which were never intended to be seen as anything but instructional. Wolf has sifted through these images and presented to us an account of Paris at one moment in time.

3 Replies to “Paris Street View”

  1. That’s near. It’s interesting the random things that that project picked up. Various snippets of crimes in progress and all sorts of unexpected things. When KW first was finished up on street view, my friends were all racing to see who could find their cars first. Takes a lot of hunting if you want to find something specific, though.

  2. Haha. Did any of them find their cars? The idea of a day frozen in time is pretty interesting though eh? They re-did Windsor I believe…because of the state of the city that summer.

  3. Yea, some of them found them! On one of the car forums they had a whole thread dedicated to the hunt, haha

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