LED Fan Sign

 Although I’d imagine that we could find a better message, the technology is dead simple and very cool results. MAKE also has an upcoming Halloween Special Edition issue… probably too late for us to accomplish a lot this year, but good thing to keep in mind for next year! [via]

Anneke Jakobs’ Banana Chandelier

Anneke Jakobs made a chandelier from 3 banana boxes and then offered a detailed set of instructions on how to make your own. I also like her Measurement project. Reusing and rethinking the way things are used is always exciting—all the better when it’s a mundane source. [via]

Gapminder: Free Data + Building Understanding

I watched a TED talk sometime over the summer by Hans Roslings, in which he talked about data visualization, specifically using Gapminder. The website, Gapminder World is powered by Trendalyzer, and “enables you to explore the changing world from your own computer.” Perhaps most interesting is that the software allows you to see changes over time, seeing the way things change and …

Tea Time

We spent quite a while this evening trying to perfect our tea recipe and then brewing almost 20 litres of it, in preparation of the upcoming Dance Party. In the photo above, we were in the middle of trying to figure out the best way to funnel the pots of tea into our reused (and cleaned) …