This Probably Isn’t Helping: When Gateways Fail

Physical civic improvements are an important step for Windsor. Our gateways, if you’re unfamiliar with the city, are a bit lack-luster at present. Where gateways do exist, the markers are underdeveloped, poorly executed, and are the kind of “this could literally be anywhere” design strategy.

Why do gateways matter? Physically and visually defining space is crucial to understanding where you are, and if gateways are to be the entrance to a city, they need to clearly enunciate where you are, and one might argue that this should denote a certain specificity. Failing at gateways means failing to define a space appropriately and in turn continuing to fail at getting over the “non-place” hump.

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Something Broken in Montreal

broken box

Evidence that even in a cultural hub like Montreal, some things can still be broken.

We’re back from the Canadian Association of Cultural Studies conference—it was a great success, lots of positive feedback on our presentation, and finally meeting some people we’ve been in touch with over the last six months or so … it’s just a matter now of condensing many names, email addresses, and business cards into one coherent list (or something).