Spontaneous Bunting!

Spontaneous Guerilla bunting at construction site on Pelissier (1)

To help celebrate the recently changed water valve that will unite our neighbours water bill with ours, we thought the construction area needed some dressing up. Hopefully when the utility workers return, they will appreciate our spirit.  

BCL Report: March 18, 2011 (the math)

We were a few people short of a full crew (Michelle was sick, Danielle was away, Rosina was on the line, and it was Cristina’s birthday), but Josh, Kevin, Hiba, Karlyn and I still made the most of our Friday night studio collaboration spectacular by putting some focus on our large-scale letters project for CAFKA. […]

BCL Report: March 4, 2011 (Design & Play)

Another Friday evening at Lebel with the crew in action — making letters stand up, cutting maps, interpreting law, and designing impossibilities. Above, Michelle, Josh, and Mike Marcon discuss what materials will work best to line the extruded part of the plywood letters. It was, in short, a great night.

BCL Report: February 24, 2011 (back to Lebel)

We spent Friday back at Lebel, reminding us of the meetings we used to have a couple years ago when all this was just starting up. Given the size of the school and the resources readily available (like tools, multiple desks, ample light), we split up into smaller groups to tackle some “next steps” for […]

Constructing a City of Boxes

After a long day of classes and studying, a few friends of mine wandered into the Lebel gallery to let loose and make ridiculous things out of heaps of cardboard boxes. The creating of the ‘box city’ was open to anyone curious enough to take part. Of course the essentials (boxes, scissors, coloured tape, paint […]

Fun with Cardboard Letters

To continue the progress of our cardboard letter project, I took the remaining pieces home on the weekend to finish T, E, and R. Though the first stage may be over, there’s still plenty left to work on in terms of researching and experimenting with various materials which I looked into as well.

‘M’ore Letter-Making

As you can see from a post we made a few days ago, we’ve been working on constructing a large-scale cardboard text statement. My job over the weekend was to re-do the first 3D letter we made–we made the letter ‘m’ too small horizontally and didn’t want it to be prone to falling over when […]

SRSI, Day 30: Em’s Little Book of Friendly Services

Over the weekend, Emily Colombo wrapped up Miss Em’s Friendly Services with an awesome zine-like handout. Lots of food was prepared and shared.

SRSI, Day 21: Busting Open Payphones

Laura Paolini of Bell Payphone Labs arrived yesterday with a mission to bust open her payphones. We found all the tools and help we needed out on the street. Otherwise, business as usual down on Pelissier, with one week left to go!

SRSI, Day 5: Clothes, Trucks, Lightbulbs and Flowers.

Yesterday morning on Pelissier was very loud and hectic. When I arrived there was about 3 feet of sidewalk space in front of 406. It was another eventful day as we were joined by The Swap Shop . I did some catching up with Jefferson, Julie and Andrea as well.

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