1. Lauren

    I love that this is going to be 5 minutes down the street from me.
    If you want any views from an angle you don’t have, or anything else, I can easily try and help you out. These posts make me excited for the nicer weather too – the pond is still in ice rink mode at the moment.

  2. Who made the SketchUp file? Those letters are done so well. Was it a template?

    That could be great to create short animations that you can use in Max/MSP/Jitter.

  3. Lauren, it’d be great to get some photos of the site, if you’re in the area. Feel free to email them to Josh or to me. Thanks!

    Stephen, I did the SketchUp file, but it’s super basic. SketchUp has a 3D text tool. I wish I knew how to use SketchUp better — animations of anything would be awesome!

  4. Steve

    3M makes retroreflective tape, or you could talk to the city to get scraps from their sign shop (street signs), and cover it in bits of scraps.

    • Steve, thanks, good call. We’re looking into this possibility up in Kitchener.
      Ideally, we could order full sheets through them … but the scraps could be an interesting alternative.

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