Michelle installing YOU ARE AMAZING

We got up early and headed down to the EC Row pedestrian overpass between the Dominion and Huron Church exits to install YOU ARE AMAZING! It’s hard to describe what it felt like to do this—taking on this project gave us all a genuine excitement about participating in changing a part of Windsor and the way we interact with it, even if it’s just for a moment. Windsor needs a lot of things, but I think maybe most importantly, it needs a little encouragement.

There was a lot of great documentation, with many photos after the jump, and a video on the way.

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EC Row Walkway Measurement

High above the traffic on EC Row

We spent part of Monday afternoon doing a site visit for an upcoming project we’ve been planning for a while. The EC Row Walkway crosses over the 6 lanes of EC Row and is a pretty incredible view. We took some measurements and did a quick visibility test. We were only up there for about fifteen minutes, but there were a lot of people honking, which makes me suspect this walkway is pretty underutilized. Photos after the jump.

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