PATHS (Practicing Art through Hide & Seek) Windsor: Sign up Now for this September!


PATHS (Practicing Art through Hide & Seek): A Project Series by Andrew Lochhead – Sign up and Participate!

PATHS is part of an ongoing series of works and actions that explore notions of “play” as: an act of transgression, resistance, detournément, and subversion, a method of pedagogy, a means of investigating and exploring the urban environment & a means toward social engagement, in relation to the fine arts, – all within the context of our contemporary zeitgeist. Led by artist Andrew Lochhead, PATHS will consist of 3 games held at 3 locations in Windsor on September 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

Downtown (Friday, September 20th – 8:30pm-midnight) – Meet at Civic Space (411 Pelissier Street)

Devonshire Mall (Saturday, September 21st – 3-7pm) – Meet at doors by Tim Hortons (3100 Howard Avenue)

Jackson Park (Sunday, September 22nd – 3-7pm) – Meet at main gates of Jackson Park (Ouellette Avenue & Tecumseh Road)

Also, join us for a wrap party at 7pm at Villains Beastro on Sunday, September 22nd.

The game represents a fun way of engaging with an aspect of our city of which many of us are unfamiliar. We hope you can make it out.

Please use the form below to sign up for PATHS.



Marc Owens’ Avatar Machine

I saw this project in one of its earlier iterations and had kind of lost track of it, but I was recently reminded of it through a Tweet fromDoug Coupland (he had referred to another project on the same page).

Avatar Machine by Marc Owens is a wearable system which replicates the aesthetics and visuals of third person gaming, allowing the user to view themselves as a virtual character in real space via a head mounted interface. The system potentially allows for a diminished sense of social responsibility, and could lead the user to demonstrate behaviors normally reserved for the gaming environment.

Watching the video is a kind of surreal experience—I’m not really a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but the aesthetic created through this system really works to generate the same look and feel of movement in a game that uses this behind-the-head perspective. I thought it was worth noting just as a way of changing perspective, and working to change physical perspectives into a new kind of experience.

[via today and tomorrow]

The Hallway

The Hallway, an installation by Miranda July is a 125 foot hallway with a series of what looks to be hand-painted text panels with English in one direction and Japanese in the other.

It made me think a real-life version of Passage, the lo-fi game by Jason Rohrer.

Promise you’ll watch the whole thing.

Passage by Jason Rohrer

Passage, art game by Jason Rohrer

Passage by Jason Rohrer is a “journey through time.” Created for Montreal’s Gamma 256 competition, Passage allows you to travel through a maze within a 256×256 pixel area, where you meet your partner and travel through “life” together. Play it. Then read the statement.

Its simplicity is quite lovely and I realize more and more that I would enjoy video games a lot if they were all designed by artists. I would also recommend playing the Graveyard and reading Tale of Tales’ Realtime Artist Manifesto.