Office Hours

Broken City Lab office hours

We’re going to be holding office hours Tuesday, November 11th, from 7-9pm at LeBel, room 125. Feel free to drop by to contribute, engage, ask questions, and fix this city. We’ll be discussing upcoming projects, ongoing research, and our next demo/event.

BCL Report, Post-Dance Party

Broken City Lab Dance Party, September 4, 2008

Although the Dance Party was technically supposed to be a Parking Lot Party, the rain forecast and the subsequent move inside the gallery didn’t stop the awesomeness from happening!!! We have to extend a huge thank you to the following people and places: the School of Visual Arts for letting us throw down, Sandeep Soor, Jason Child, Justin JamesMatt HerdmanStephen Surlin, Cristina Naccarato for the Super Nintendo cable, the Blatherwicks for the mint leaves, Bob Soulliere at Cardinal Music (519-966-6400) for the audio equipment, Meaghan for helping with tea, and Chelsea for Christmas lights/dancing up a storm! 

Incredibly fun night overall, and hopefully just the first of many dance-related events in the future. Continue reading “BCL Report, Post-Dance Party”