Moveable Type: Cross-Country Adventures in Printing

This mobile letterpress service-in-a-truck looks similar to the camper we occupied this summer at Truck Gallery in Calgary. The truck pictured is part of a touring project called Moveable Type. It is as it sounds: a truck with printing equipment installed where camping amenities used to reside. “It was originally a fleet truck for American Linens, and their logo is still faintly visible beneath the white body paint.”¬†The truck conversion itself is a feat of ingenuity, but its touring schedule is also pretty ambitious. I counted nearly 100 stops from June to December of 2011. I hope to catch it during one of its future Canadian appearances.

Via: Eyeteeth: A Journal of Incisive Ideas

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Olaf Mooij – Braincar

The Braincar is a new mobile sculpture/multimedia project by artist Olaf Mooij. His general idea, inspired by his interest in our connection to automobiles, was to create an car that could capture images throughout its day travels and “dream” about them at night. By “dream”, he means modify or “remix” the images in some kind of random way. These images are then projected onto the underside of the brain sculpture.

In an attempt to understand the connection between our daily experience and that of our vehicles, Mooij questioned “what it would be like if instead the car itself¬†could experience with a kind of consciousness its own passage through space and time.”

Via: Designboom

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Kevin Cyr’s Camper Bike

Kevin Cyr's Camper-Bike

While camping can be an amazing experience, it usually involves some degree of planning to be successful. Imagine if you could camp on a whim without using a vehicle to haul heavy camping gear to your destination. Kevin Cyr, a Boston-based artist, created a functional camper bike back in April of last year. Even if the camper is too heavy to pull long distances, its creation still suggests that we may benefit from rethinking location permanence and our true material needs for survival.

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