Kevin Cyr’s Camper Bike

Kevin Cyr's Camper-Bike

While camping can be an amazing experience, it usually involves some degree of planning to be successful. Imagine if you could camp on a whim without using a vehicle to haul heavy camping gear to your destination. Kevin Cyr, a Boston-based artist, created a functional camper bike back in April of last year. Even if the camper is too heavy to pull long distances, its creation still suggests that we may benefit from rethinking location permanence and our true material needs for survival.

Kevin Cyr's Camper-Bike

Here is a shot of the bike– or tricycle, technically–being used on a narrow street.

2 Replies to “Kevin Cyr’s Camper Bike”

  1. Awesome find, Josh! I love thinking about the implications of urban transit and living having to one day become the same thing.

    Thinking about your interest in Windsor’s very particular landscape, I think we should build a bike that simulates different city’s landscapes—so, as you’re pedaling across our flat, flat, flat roads, suddenly the bike switches to a more difficult gear or applies some kind of automated braking system according to an elevation map we cross-check with a GPS layout of Vancouver or something… haha! Your body experiences another place while you can continue to see Windsor as it is.

  2. Oh yes, I like this idea. The bike could also tilt back or forward to simulate riding on a hill. This could be an awesome and expensive project down the road. I really want to someday build something that we can demo around Windsor.

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