The Peripatetic Library: Drouillard Versions, a Project & Residency by Dan McCafferty


The Peripatetic Library: Drouillard Versions, a Project & Residency by Dan McCafferty

In Residence until August 8th at Civic Space – 411 Pelissier Street, Windsor, Ontario

Daniel McCafferty, a local artist, educator, and member of Public Design Unit is currently in residence at Civic Space developing a mobile library / studio site in the Drouillard neighbourhood of Windsor, Ontario.

The project will be used as an opportunity to establish a space to gather many types of information from the neighbourhood, whereby residents of the community can contribute material to the library. Materials produced will also be made available to community members for their own personal use.

Acting as your convivial librarian, McCafferty will represent the collected materials, and establish a method for distributing, disseminating, archiving and providing access.

The hope is to contribute an image of the dynamics of the Drouillard neighbourhood. Stop by Civic Space  for opportunities to contribute to the project and engage with Dan over the next week. 

Neighbourhood Spaces Artist-in-Residence Announces Call to Community for New Music Resource Centre


Neighbourhood Spaces Artist-in-Residence Announces Call to Community for New Music Resource Centre at Sandwich Teen Action Group (STAG)

Tuesdays from 4-7pm, Starting June 25th – July 16th @ STAG – 3735 King St. just off of Prince Road

Local Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Bandleader and Teacher, Kenneth MacLeod is one of 10 artists selected for Neighbourhood Spaces: Windsor & Region Artist in Residence Program, a new initiative of “The Collaborative”: Arts Council Windsor & Region (ACWR), Broken City Lab (BCL) and The City of Windsor. After receiving 150 applications, Neighbourhood Spaces (NS) has selected 10 Canadian artists to be located in community sites throughout Windsor and Essex County for 4-6-week artist residences.

As a NS artist-in-residence, Kenneth will be developing and creating a new drop-in music resource and education centre at Sandwich Teen Action Group (STAG), a community-based charitable organization in the west end of Windsor, providing programs and support for at-risk youth. A former school, STAG offers an ideal location for the Centre, which will function as a music classroom, drop-in space and practice area. Kenneth will also be partnering with the Windsor Youth Centre (WYC), a drop-in Centre for homeless and at-risk youth ages 13-20 located in Wyandotte Town Centre. As an NS artist-in-residence at WYC, he will be there Wednesday evenings encouraging youth to write and share songs about their own experiences, communities and neighbourhoods. At the end of the residency, youth will have the option to participate in a performance that will celebrate and showcase their talent.

Throughout his 6 week residency, Kenneth will oversee the project and offer free music instruction and workshops to neighbourhood youth ages 13-20. Drawing on connections to local musicians and community members, Kenneth and the NS Program will bring volunteers, equipment and resources to the Centre.  After the residency, Kenneth aims to continue the Centre, creating a permanent space for youth to develop and expand their musical skills and abilities in Windsor.

In preparation for his NS residency, which begins on August 6th, Kenneth is asking for donations of new or used instruments of all kinds such as drums, tambourines, keyboards, guitars and ukuleles, as well as other sound equipment and music resources such as music books, sheet music, amplifiers, audio cables, microphones, guitar racks and other items.

Supported by the Ontario Trillium FoundationNeighbourhood Spaces will allow artists to pursue research and create artwork that explores and responds to the stories, triumphs and challenges of various communities. Residencies will begin July 15th, 2013 and be staggered over the next year, concluding in August 2014. A final exhibition and symposium will be held in the fall of 2014 and an online publication will be created documenting the program. The 2013-2014 NS Artists will be announced in July 2013.

If you have a donation for the NS Music Resource Centre at STAG or questions about the NS Program, please contact Alana Bartol, Program Coordinator for Neighbourhood Spaces at 226-975-1732 or

Windsor Issues V.4: An Exhibition by UWindsor Emerging Artist Research Residency Members


Windsor Issues V.4: An Exhibition by UWindsor Emerging Artist Research Residency Members

May 30th to June 28th, 2013 with an opening reception held Thursday, May 30th at 7pm – Civic Space (411 Pelissier Street, Windsor, Ontario)

Windsor Issues is a culmination of the Emerging Artist Research Residency at the University of Windsor 2013. For one-month, five artists from across the country have been living, working and making art in Windsor. Research documentation, works in progress and experimental investigations are just some of the results of their labours. The exhibition will run from May 30th to June 28th, 2013, with an opening reception on Thursday, May 30th at 7pm. The participating artists include Andrea Kastner (Kamloops, BC), Thea Jones (Toronto, ON), Didier Morelli (Vancouver, BC), Natalie Nadeau (Essex, ON), and Elisa Yon (Vancouver, BC).

Artist in Residence Elisa Yon will be holding a workshop outside Civic Space on Thursday, May 30th from 1-4pm (Rain Time: 7pm the same day) which will invite conversation and participation with visitors surrounding the types of foods created and consumed within the artist studio.

About the Artists

Andrea Kastner (Kamloops, British Columbia)

Andrea Kastner is a painter living in Kamloops, BC, who creates work exploring the sacred nature of rejected things. Born in 1984 and raised in Montreal, she holds a BFA at Mount Allison University and an MFA at the University of Alberta. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions across Canada. Her plans include upcoming solo exhibitions at Harcourt House, Hamilton Artists’ Inc., and Comox Valley Art Gallery. In 2012, she was finalist for the RBC Canadian Painting Competition.

Andrea Kastner’s paintings of basements, alleyways and trash bring to light the hidden underbelly of things we seek to ignore. As part of the University of Windsor’s Emerging Artist Research Residency, she has been documenting the area of Windsor around her husband’s childhood home, which is now abandoned and boarded up. “Small Disasters” is a series of paintings which takes these images of Windsor and then uses a collage aesthetic to build them into surreal and ghostly cityscapes.

Thea Jones (Toronto, Ontario)

Thea’s research in Windsor has been focused on producing A Video Novel for Windsor, which is a multi-channel video installation featuring the local social and environmental landscape. Featured at Civic Space and during the Windsor Issues exhibition are drafts of the chapters (or channels) for A Video Novel for Windsor. (audio composition by Michael James)

Thea has also been conducting an ongoing mending service in her studio at the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts, where you bring her an article in need of mending and she will mend it for you. This is how she will save the world.

Didier Morelli (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Morelli uses his body as a site for exploration and change. Through performance and social practice he revisits urban spaces in an effort to reconfigure “our conception and use of the everyday.”

During his stay at the Emerging Artist Research Residency, he has interacted with and in physical space and places around Windsor. Various individuals were encountered and a dialogue between his body and the city was developed through a series of task-oriented actions. The work remained experimental and process driven, focusing on play and chance. Featured at Civic Space for the duration of the Windsor Issues V.4 exhibition is a book documenting his one-month residency. It is composed of texts, images, collages, and drawings.

Natalie Nadeau (Essex, Ontario)

Questioning conventions regarding the role of women and their relationship to domestic spaces in alliance with notions of time has driven my current artistic practice. The history of North American social attitudes towards domestic roles has led to further my interest in modern day suburban dwellings. Sculpture is one of the mediums in which I use to explore concepts of decorative and utilitarian objects found in domestic spaces.

Elisa Yon (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Elisa Yon is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary designer and artist with a practice in socially engaged public art. As an architect by training, her research-based practice examines place-making through interventions that often engage a reflexive and ethnographic experience. Her experiments in designing cultural probes provide a framework for visitors, audiences and communities to intersect, contest and produce knowledge within public space. Using architecture and mixed- media installation, Yon examines the relationship between the social realms of design and site-specific practices in the making of place.

The role of the table in the engagement of conversations, negotiations and the making and consumption of food became the focus of this research-based artist residency. Thinking of the table as a tool within the creative process became a way to explore some of the more subtle and intimate relationships we have with these everyday objects. The work, together with the workshop (on Thursday May 30th, 2013 from 1 – 4pm) invites conversation and participation with visitors surrounding the types of foods created and consumed within the artist studio.

Job Posting: Program Coordinator for Neighbourhood Artists in Residence Program


We’ll have a lot more news (and a call for submissions) on this new neighbourhood artist-in-residence program soon, but in the meantime, there’s a job posting for a position to help make this happen. It’s a part-time position to support what is sure to be an amazingly fun project, and the bonus is, you’ll get to hang out with us! More info below…

Arts Council Windsor and Region (ACWR) is seeking a Part-Time Program Coordinator (Neighbourhood Artists in Residence)

DEADLINE: JANUARY 22 2013 via email

Under the supervision of the ACWR Executive Director, the Program Coordinator is responsible through a two year contract to develop, manage and facilitate a 12 month Artist in Residence program located throughout Windsor & Essex County which will bring contemporary art to the community in non-traditional spaces in non-traditional ways.

Artist-in-Residence programs exist to invite artists, performers, musicians, curators, and all manner of creative people for a time and space away from their usual environment. Art residencies emphasize the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture or place. The Windsor Essex Artist in Residence program will locate 10 chosen artists from across Canada and beyond into neighborhood community spaces throughout Windsor and Essex County. These community hubs will provide a productive “home base” for the artists and a compelling injection of culture into the surrounding neighborhood. Beyond artists working in the community spaces, they will also engage with the community stakeholders and user groups to animate, explore and inspire the specific stories, curiosities, challenges and triumphs of the local community. The program will span two years, with six months preparation, 12 months of residences, and six months of wrap up and reporting. A final exhibition and symposium will be held after the residencies are completed. An online publication will be created documenting the program.

This program is a collaborative partnership between the Arts Council – Windsor & Region, Broken City Lab and The City of Windsor (“the Collaborative”).

More information here:

This program and position is made possible through the generous financial support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Come & Visit Windsor: Emerging Artist Residency at UWindsor’s School of Visual Arts

From our friends at the University of Windsor…

The University of Windsor’s School for Arts and Creative Innovation offers a one-month Emerging Artist Research Residency. This program is an opportunity for emerging artists to cultivate new ideas through research and production, access the school’s resources and facilities, and exploration of arts and culture in the border region of Windsor/ Detroit.

Resources available include; Sculpture Studio and equipment, Multi media, Woodshop, and much more. Each resident artist will present their work in the form of a public lecture for the Artist-In-Residence Speaker Series at the University of Windsor.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2013 (post marked).

2013 residency program dates: May 1- 31.

Submission Materials and Guidelines:

– C.V.
– Artist Statement (1 page max)
– Residency Intent (1 page max)
– 10 Images on CD, Mac compatible (768 x 1024 dpi)
– Image list

Residency program fee is $350. All applications will be considered. Individual application feedback will not be provided. Please note that the residency program does not include accommodation, although the Program Coordinator can assist with information.

Please send all application materials to:

Residency Program Coordinator
School for Arts and Creative Innovation
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave
Windsor ON, N9B 3P4

For more information please contact:

1W3KND Writers in Residence Announced!


1W3KND starts on November 16 and we’re incredibly excited to announce the list of selected participants that we’ll be hosting at CIVIC SPACE. But first, some background on the project.

1W3KND is aimed at developing essays, interviews, manifestos, critiques, reviews, and other texts around ideas of collaboration, socially engaged works, artist-run culture, and public practices. We’re hoping to publish these in one form or another some time next year. There have been a number of books released over the past year discussing socially-engaged practices (here’s a list of a few of our favourites), but we’re really interested in reading more from artists themselves, especially those in the earlier stages of their career. We think there’s a need to make more time to write through the ideas, questions, and concerns that come through engaging in these kinds of practices, and we’re hoping we can help to accommodate those interested in doing that writing.

The structure of the residency will attempt to focus and frame the writing by way of an envelope on the table with a list of instructions, including a brief overview of subject that the paired writers in residence will be spending the weekend exploring, discussing and of course writing about.

And now, here’s the list / calendar. If you want to connect with anyone, let us know!


Penelope Smart
Erin MacMillan

Irene Chin
Megan Marin



Jason Deary
Mary Tremonte

Zoe Chan
Sarah Febbraro

Mike DiRisio
Nathan Stevens



Amber Ginsburg
Siobhan Rigg

Julian Majewski

Jacqui Artnfield
Emily DiCarlo



Nathan Swartzendruber
Mike Fleisch

Allison Rowe
Rhiannon Vogl


One Week Residency – Chris Flanagan on Music in Windsor and Detroit

Photo courtesy of Chris Flanagan

We have the pleasure of hosting Chris Flanagan for a quick one-week residency here at CIVIC SPACE. He’s in and out, but if you’re interested in music in Windsor (and/or Detroit), I’m sure he’d love to talk to you …

Installation/sound artist Chris Flanagan is researching and experimenting with music related to Windsor’s musical heritage. Intrigued by the city’s proximity to the pop music heavyweight Detroit, Flanagan is exploring musical history and culture through Windsor’s discarded vinyl and cassettes.

For more information about Chris and his recent projects go to

1W3KND: Call for Submissions for a New Writing Residency

We want to invite you to participate in our new residency program, 1W3KND aimed at developing essays, interviews, manifestos, critiques, reviews, and other texts around ideas of collaboration, socially engaged works, artist-run culture, and public practices. We’re hoping to publish these in one form or another some time next year.

There have been a number of books released over the past year discussing socially-engaged practices (here’s a list of a few of our favourites), but we’re really interested in reading more from artists themselves, especially those in the earlier stages of their career. We think there’s a need to make more time to write through the ideas, questions, and concerns that come through engaging in these kinds of practices, and we’re hoping we can help to accommodate those interested in doing that writing.

As part of this project, and in the spirit of fostering more collaboration, we’ll also try to pair you with another applicant. If you already have someone who you’d like to come with though, please just make a note of it in the form below.

We can’t offer a fee, but we can offer to cover your travel up to $250, and a place to stay at CIVIC SPACE for a weekend.

Please fill out the form below. The first deadline to apply is September 24th, 2012 as we’d like to start hosting these residencies in November.

Good luck!

Submissions are now closed. We’ll announce the first-round of selected participants soon.

Exploring North Bay (prep for Surviving North Bay)

We’re in North Bay for a residency in preparation of an upcoming exhibition. White Water Gallery is our gracious host (and for the first half of the day, our introduction to North Bay).

Much of the day is on foot, with cameras.

We record what we can about the city’s history and get a read of the direction the city moves towards — though this movement, or lack thereof, already feels central to the things we want to take up here.

We break at the edge of Lake Nipissing.

Throughout our roaming, we documented a lot of the signage around the (very tidy) downtown core — trying to get a read of how residents, business owners, and the municipality itself negotiates communication strategies — and certainly, what they’re trying to communicate.

And on that note, the night winds down with some very preliminary sketching around ideas of emergencies (or, again, lack thereof) in North Bay. Tomorrow, more exploring as we prepare for the evening’s psychogeographic walk, starting at 8pm. It’s feeling late, but it’s early in the project — much more tomorrow.

Research Trip: Residency at White Water Gallery for A Northern Locality


We’re heading up to White Water Gallery next week for a weeklong residency exploring a northern locality — this work will inform an exhibition coming up in the fall!

Over the course of a weeklong residency, we will engage in a series of exploratory public interventions, micro-gestures, and tactical DIY responses to North Bay.

Join us on Tuesday night at 8pm for a psycho-geographic walk around the downtown starting at White Water Gallery, an “afternoon intervention task force” on Wednesday at 7pm, and an outdoor participatory public projection event on Thursday night at 9pm.

Each event will call on public participation to engage with North Bay, its infrastructures and its communities. Throughout the residency, we’ll be collecting research on North Bay in support of an exhibition in the fall that will aim to not only examine the practice and production of a northern locality, but also present a range of resistive tactics that can help the community survive, or help one survive the community.