Prepping for Next Week- Last Coats and Beads!

Yet another extremely productive weekend at BCL HQ! We’ve been finishing up the last preparations for our cardboard letters, which we hope to be unveiling them in our first chosen spot next week!

Finishing Phase Three and Experimenting with Colour

We are already nearing the end of our priming process for our letters after only beginning last week!  While we got to painting the rest of the letters on Friday, I prepared a few things earlier in the week for our next step, painting the letters in a fabulous bright red.

Thinking with Wordles

Before I get to any recap on the Creative Time Summit, I thought I’d post this — a Wordle assembled from the grant we’re working through right now for another residency/conference in August 2011. This might be helpful in finalizing a title. Due date is Friday, but it’s moving along.

Later Nights, since it’s summer now

Michelle and I spent hours and hours together yesterday. With everyone’s schedules fairly ridiculous at the moment, we’re trying to steal what little time we can to keep working. Lately, the time that we’ve all spent together has been framed exclusively almost exclusively by planning for Save the City or organizing the Storefront Residencies for […]

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