Seed Bombs in PEI with DodoLab

Andrew Hunter’s DodoLab, an experimental co-creative lab for engaging with communities, organizations and events, headed east last week to do a series of workshops and activities around Charlottetown’s ecology and environment. Our schedules couldn’t align (again) so we missed an amazing trip to PEI, but DodoLab carried out a massive seed bomb workshop using our recipe […]

Magnetic Planters Finished!

Our magnetic planters have finally been finished and installed (temporarily) along the alley that runs behind our headquarters. Consider yourself cordially invited to take a planter or two and move them to some other space in the city in need of a micro-garden.

neighbourhoods / neighborhoods

Text In-Transit on the Windsor/Detroit tunnel bus this morning. So perfect, this is exactly where we would have hoped to see this panel! Thanks for taking the photo, Robert! [via robertbwright’s twitter]

A Pay-As-You-Go City

An interesting article over at BLDGBLOG imagines new options for cities facing huge deficits, essentially asking: if you didn’t pay taxes, would you be willing to pay higher fees for service, or would you rather pay even higher sales taxes and have zero fees attached to any municipal use or service? Could an entire rethinking […]

Robofish Detects Environmental Pollutants

Designed at MIT, this robotic fish can swim to detect environmental pollutants in the water and inspect oil and gas pipelines. Check Natalie Jeremijenko for interesting environmental monitoring projects that cross art and science, and imagine how good this could be for charting the flow of pollution in the Detroit River. [via Inhabitat]

Gardens in Galleries & Architecture from Recycled Materials

I don’t mean for this to be such a lazy post/reblog, but there’s a few images I’ve been meaning to post for a while. I figured they were good reference points for our magnetic planters project, among others, given the variety of display and function of these planters and the use of recycled materials (see […]

Kevin Cyr’s Camper Bike

While camping can be an amazing experience, it usually involves some degree of planning to be successful. Imagine if you could camp on a whim without using a vehicle to haul heavy camping gear to your destination. Kevin Cyr, a Boston-based artist, created a functional camper bike back in April of last year. Even if […]

Pop-Up Book Academy

In an amazingly good interview, Daniel Fuller over at Art21‘s blog discusses projects, ideas, and philosophies of social / dialogical / relational art practice with Sam Gould of Red76. Red76 has been organizing workshops, lectures and public dialogues in “non-hierarchical” settings since 2000, most recently working on the Pop-Up Book Academy, a school which materializes behind […]

Field Tests!

We’re doing some field tests of our magnetic planters with some plants in them. Basically, we want to test to make sure the soil isn’t drying out too quickly and we’re also checking to see how well some plants respond to transplants. Above, you can see there’s a wire around the planter that helps it […]

Magnets Installed!

Another day at BCL HQ and some more progress on this ongoing magnetic planters project. Michelle and I finished putting in the remainder of our magnets into our plastic bag planters, but there are still some more planters left over. So, with more rare-earth magnets now on the way, we’ll finish up the rest when […]

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