Gardens in Galleries & Architecture from Recycled Materials


I don’t mean for this to be such a lazy post/reblog, but there’s a few images I’ve been meaning to post for a while. I figured they were good reference points for our magnetic planters project, among others, given the variety of display and function of these planters and the use of recycled materials (see below). So, consider this less any sort of critical discussion of these works, and more just a compilation of image research for stuff we’re doing and would like to do. That being said, I’d highly recommend following the links throughout to read more about the projects.

First up, pictured above is, “The Hanging Smoking Garden”, 2007 by Mikala Dwyer from vvork.


Hanging Garden“, 2009, installation of over 300 different dry plants hanged chronologically, by Aki Nagasaka from vvork.


“Papervillain” by the functionality was made over 3 weeks, with 17 pairs of hands individually folding 2542 traditional paper hats from an equal mix of free papers collected in one evening. Together these paper hats formed an articulated tensile canopy from the leftovers of our morning read for the secret garden festival. Originally posted at Design Boom.


“Urban Plaza Equivalent”, 2006 by Michael Cataldi from vvork.

community garden

A street garden device made out of wood from Pasta&Vinegar.