Earlier This Week In the Basement of BCL HQ

Monday night was another huge brainstorming session with some new and old friends. We spent most of the evening trying to figure out the potentials in doing something like a floating sculpture in the Detroit River. We’ve discussed this before, and it seems that the space between what we’d really like to do and reality […]

Carol Goodden & Gordon Matta-Clark’s Food

Carol Goodden and Gordon Matta-Clark opened up Food in New York in the early 1970s on the corner of Prince and Wooster. The restaurant, essentially the first in SoHo, was run by artists and served mostly artists, with the cooking itself becoming a performance of sorts. This transition of the space from a failed Puerto […]

Pop-Up Education

Not that it’s something we haven’t talked about before, but GOOD just wrote about yet another iteration of this kind of alternative community pedagogy, this time calling it “pop-up education.” Basically these ideas work like this: teach something you know to other people in an alternative space. Perhaps a main distinction in the pop-up education […]

You Need to Help Plan Windsor’s Cultural Future on Thursday Night

This is important. If you care at all about what culture in Windsor will look like for the foreseeable future, you need to show up on Thursday night to what likely is going to be one of the last opportunities to voice some input for the City of Windsor’s Cultural Master Plan. It’s this plan […]

Something Broken in Montreal

Evidence that even in a cultural hub like Montreal, some things can still be broken. We’re back from the Canadian Association of Cultural Studies conference—it was a great success, lots of positive feedback on our presentation, and finally meeting some people we’ve been in touch with over the last six months or so … it’s […]

Light Painting by SWEATSHOPPE

SWEATSHOPPE is a new multimedia performance collaboration between Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw that works at the intersection of art, music and technology. Their project, Light Painting, is pretty slick, using a LED-tipped paint roller along with some custom software and projector to reveal a video projection through painting movements. [via today and tomorrow]

Canadian Association of Cultural Studies Conference, McGill University

Danielle and I will be heading to Montreal to speak at this year’s Canadian Association of Cultural Studies Biannual Conference at McGill University. We’re presenting in the Cultural Production panel under the theme of Social Practice and Public Space. Our presentation entitled, “Social Practice: New Models for Collaborative Cultural Production,” will frame the city of Windsor […]

Nerd Alert: Bildr.org

Bildr.org could be amazing. The idea is to create a visual Web-based library of componentized instruction sets, “building blocks,” for doing various hardware and software constructions. Put a bunch of these components together, and you have all of the instructions you need to execute a multi-part project. So, that crazy project you’ve always wanted to […]

Extended Field Trip Day 4: Everything is OK

After four days at our Extended Field Trip #001 in Peterborough at Artspace, we installed our work and presented our research findings  in the main space at the gallery. After nearly 96 hours in the city, we came to realize that everything is ok in Peterborough. Undoubtedly, we realized this by comparing our experiences in Windsor. […]

Extended Field Trip Day 3: Construction

Day 3 of our Extended Field Trip #001 in Peterborough at Artspace was filled with design, math, and construction. Having decided that the general sense of the city is that “everything is OK,” we moved forward on printing posters and building some text that will be on display for the opening Friday night. We had many adventures […]

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