Rolling Economy

Last Wednesday at The Green Corridor‘s Drive-thru Symphony event I showed a projection entitled Rolling Economy. This site-specific piece served as a digital representational count of the Windsor-Detroit border trade that passes through the corridor. The piece, which lasted about an hour, was visible to those in cars and trucks coming off of the Ambassador Bridge.

Rolling Economy

Rolling Economy2

My Neighbourhood; A Tag Project


With the help of Panoramio, a site that allows users to upload images and plot them using Google Maps, I created a project where I mapped the routes that I walk on a weekly basis. I did this by photographing the tags I see on my walks, then plotting the images on the map. There are three main taggers in my neighbourhood; Beast, THC and Jerk. I tagged the appropriate photos on Panoramio with the names of these taggers. I plan on extending this project to include more images of tags in other neighbourhoods around Windsor and opening it up to others to contribute their images as well.

Check out the photos here.

More BCL+maps

Ambassador Bridge Website

Y’all know i love the bridge. The damn thing is tattooed on my back. So, I google searched Ambassador Bridge, and found it’s official website!

The history section of this website is pretty interesting but i think the photo section is lacking extremely.

Everyone takes pictures of the bridge! There has to be more historical ones lying around the city as well as new ones.

If you have some, send them to with the subject “more bridge photos for your Ambassador Bridge website.”

Economic Meltdown

the word ECONOMY as an ice sculpture

In honour of the 79th anniversary of Black Tuesday (the day the U.S. stock market crashed), artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese installed this ice sculpture of the word ECONOMY in front of the New York Supreme Court building on October 29th. Over a period of several hours, the sculpture melted completely. The artists interviewed viewers on-site and also took time-lapsed photographs as well as video of the project.

Go Here for more information on this project!

 This piece is almost too perfect. We have been throwing around many ideas for upcoming winter projects with ice, and I somewhat wish we had thought of this first! It fits all too well with the current situation Windsor finds itself in, and what we, as artists, are trying to accomplish in the city. We can definitely learn a lot from this project.

Odd Windsor By-Law – No Reptiles allowed

no reptiles allowed

Since 1985, The city of Windsor has prohibited the selling, buying or keeping of reptiles/snakes in the city. Apparently LaSalle and Tecumseh don’t have this law. I came across a discussion on this topic on Windsor Users

Why do you think reptiles are not allowed in the city? Comment with your answer!

Here’s a Halloween inspired idea: make reptile costumes for the fire hydrants or garbages around the city.