BCL Report – Nov 6, 2008

Broken City Lab's Tetris Tournament + Wheatpaste Demo + sticker making party

Our Tetris Tournament / Wheatpaste Demo / Sticker-Making Party went amazingly well—we successfully hijacked that big TV in the Lebel hallway, the tournament was filled with high-stakes Tetris 2 action (you can see Susan and Craig battling it out above), we demoed our wheatpaste recipe (hot water + flour until its a smoothie-like consistency) and lots of people made stickers for our commemorative plaque. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this thing happen!

Rod and Khris get an early test in

Rod and Khris did some initial testing for us to make sure the SNES was working.

how to hijack a tv

This is how to hijack the big screen TV in Lebel—an RCA cable, the button to switch between inputs is above, labelled “source.”

Super Nintendo + Tetris 2

Michelle’s SNES with Tetris 2 cartridge.

the prize - a custom Broken City Lab universal remote

The grand prize—a custom Broken City Lab universal remote.

the board before the tournament

First round wins and loses spelled out on the chalkboard.

Immony calls out Adam in the first round of Broken City Lab's tetris tournament

Immony points out his skills to Adam, while Adam remains unfazed.

Denise vs Amber

Denise and Amber take the second game. At this point in the tournament we were doing best 2 out of 3.

Justin vs Michelle

Me and Michelle—it was only during this game that I realized the goal was to clear the bottom line, up to this point, I was just trying to keep below the water line at the top of the screen … excuses, excuses.

Michelle, Danielle, and Josh give a wheatpaste demo

Michelle, Danielle, and Josh demo the wheatpaste and our Dollarstore applicators (those sponges connected to the plastic tubes in which would normally be dish soap).

Josh supervises the sticker-making process

Josh supervises the sticker application.

Danielle makes a sticker

Danielle works on her sticker.

Danielle gives some details on how to work with wheatpaste

Danielle gives Taylor some more details on wheatpasting/stickering technique.

>testing wheatpaste recipe at the demo

Our plaque (in progress).


The Tournament continues, with some last minute changes…

Steven vs Bryan in Broken City Lab's Tetris Tournament

Bryan and Steven battle through 3 rounds of Tetris intensity.

Taylor vs Stephen

Taylor and Stephen take on level 5 Tetris.

Adam vs Denise in one of the final rounds

Adam and Denise face off.

Susan vs Craig in Broken City Lab's Tetris Tournament

Susan and Craig—this was an incredible round, Craig cleared nearly his entire screen, only to lose to Susan.

Michelle vs Immony in Broken City Lab's Tetris Tournament

Michelle and Immony push the limits of Tetris.

the chalkboard spells it out - Adam vs Michelle

The final round—Adam vs Michelle.

the crowd watches as Adam and Michelle battle it out

It was a mighty game… only to end a bit early, so we opted to make the finals best 2 out of 3.

Adam and Michelle in the final round of Broken City Lab's Tetris Tournament

Michelle put up a mad fierce fight, but ultimately Adam won the tournament and proudly took home the BCL custom remote.

Tetris 2 + (Wheatpaste Demo) from brokencitylab on Vimeo.


Again, an amazing night—thank you to everyone who came out! I think we should get a DVD player or something semi-permanently fixed to that TV so it can be put to better use more often.

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