Wheat Pasted Pixels


Interesting technique for wheat pasting by Pedro Biz. Using cut up squares of paper and a well-mixed wheat paste, the effect is something like an 8-bit intervention. I’d imagine larger squares would magnify the effect, where more squares in general would allow for the best method for achieving larger images.

If time is on your side, this could be a nice alternative to the general single piece of paper poster most-often seen around a city. In Windsor though, good ol’ packaging tape is a favourite of concert promoters and owners of missing pets alike.

[via Rebel Art]

New Magnetic Planters Field Test

Broken City Lab Magnetic Planters

Friday afternoon turned out to be more productive than I thought it would. We finished embedding all the magnets we have, which means we have 25 planters either done or drying and ended up with 3 installed on various surfaces to see if they survive the rain this weekend.

If they turn out, I’ll order some more magnets, but in the meantime we’re still working on stencils (the BCL stencil above was just a test), and we should be able to get the rest up in the next week!

Owen over at Windsor Visuals also already made a great post on Friday’s Office Hours, and some of his photos are included in this post as well.

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A Mess, But We’re Closer

planters with magnets

Danielle and I spent Wednesday afternoon making some more planters, patching up some of the planters made last Friday, and adding magnets to other planters. Hopefully by Friday these will be dry and ready for departure from my studio.

I’m anxious to see these up (and this project finished, many other things to do!)

BCL Report – Nov 6, 2008

Broken City Lab's Tetris Tournament + Wheatpaste Demo + sticker making party

Our Tetris Tournament / Wheatpaste Demo / Sticker-Making Party went amazingly well—we successfully hijacked that big TV in the Lebel hallway, the tournament was filled with high-stakes Tetris 2 action (you can see Susan and Craig battling it out above), we demoed our wheatpaste recipe (hot water + flour until its a smoothie-like consistency) and lots of people made stickers for our commemorative plaque. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this thing happen!

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Tetris Tournament & Wheat Paste Demo

Broken City Lab presents Tetris Tournament and Wheat Paste demo

Thursday, November 6 @ 7pm, Broken City Lab is hosting a Tetris Tournament in the halls of LeBel. We’ll also be holding a wheat paste demo / sticker making party.

If you want to play Tetris, sign up in the comments below!

And, if you have a copy of Tetris for Super Nintendo we could use, please get in touch with us!!!