Google Street View is Coming to Windsor


Google’s Street View service is making the rounds across Canada. There’s no schedule that I’ve been able to find yet, but they are coming to Windsor.

Anyone have any ideas about when Google is coming to town?

And maybe as a follow up, anyone have any ideas?

There’s already a short history of artists working alongside Google’s team. In 2008, artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley invited the Google Inc. Street View team and residents of Pittsburgh’s Northside to collaborate on a series of tableaux (pictured above), but to not at least think about doing something would certainly be a waste. How often do you think this could possibly happen?

I wonder if a well-placed, but legible, banner might be worth investigating?

[via CBC]

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  1. I’ve heard that Windsor is not on their list, nor even London. But it’d be absolutely awesome if they came here!

    1. D’oh! Scratch that. I had heard that Windsor wasn’t on the list when they first announced this in February, sweet to see that they added new cities.

      I have actually been planning making a virtual walk-thru downtown Windsor, in the style of the classic computer game “Myst” (i.e. Hypercard, point and click in various directions to move your character), but I’m waiting for the strike to end, downtown construction to finish and the like.

      But heh, Google beat me to it I guess.
      I did do a trial run in Lebel one day:

      1. Myst was awesome. I didn’t play with the Hypercard, but had it on Windows ’95.

        Your Lebel streetview is awesome!!!! You should do your own downtown, even if Google does it anyways. Having a hi-res version would be really, really great.

        1. I was actually thinking of doing it in 360 degree QTVR panorama-style, but the load times, ohhh the load times! Need to figure out a way to balance load times versus quality. But yeah, I’ve really always liked virtual simulations of places, and these things can even go beyond simple photography!

          The only thing I don’t understand about Google is that they’re being forced to eliminate faces and the like, yet most Canadian photography laws state that taking photos in public areas of faces is just fine and dandy, providing it’s not on private property. But I suppose the one-rule-for-all that Google has to abide by is a result of their past peering into homes and on private property.

          I think a Sunday morning after dawn is the best time for me, nobody around!

  2. In honesty, I really hope they don’t come around any time soon.

    Would I really want Google to archive 3′ tall grass, random piles of garbage in corners & striking workers downtown? I highly doubt Street View data gets updated quickly like their satellite feeds.

    How long would we be stuck with these images? 2, 5 or even 10 years???

    Take your time Google; give us a chance to get this city back on track…

  3. Actually I believe they drove down my street today. I was working outside and noticed a small silver car drive with a logo on it’s doors and one heck of what looked like a camera mounted on the roof.

  4. Wow! Talk about coincidence. The google street view car just drove down my street in Walkerville!! I chased her down, got some pics, gonna upload them!

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