Group Work

We're getting close to the show

This week’s Office Hours were busy, hectic, and (I think) productive. There we some new faces around the table, which is always great, and lots to do in terms of planning and organizing. Breaking into groups made sense and we pushed forward on a bunch of things in parallel, but I’m looking forward to the show next week when we can all be around one table working together collaboratively.

Lots of people at Office Hours this week

It was great to see some new people come out to engage in discussion and help to problem solve a couple things. It was a good way to start up the momentum again after the reading week break—things always seem to slow a bit if we get off of our weekly schedule. We’re still moving towards many of the projects we’ve written about before, but the main focus was getting the details solidified for the show at Lebel.

Josh takes a look at the press release

Cristina and Darryl took some time to work on a press release for the Call for Submissions for the Text In-Transit project (more details soon). Josh is going over it above, while Immony and Cristina distract him. Darren and Sandy worked on some research for exampling community gardens with timelines and plant lists, while Danielle looked up some information on pertinent bylaws.

we tried Twittering

We tried using Twitter throughout—I like the idea, but the night was so busy, it was tough to keep things updated. Ideally, doing something like this might eventually lead to ideas coming in and out of Office Hours instantaneously, rather than just in these after-the-fact posts like this one. 

photocopying the poster

Michelle and Mike finished up the poster and made some photocopies.

Michelle hangs up the posters

We put a few up around Lebel and sent the rest off with Cristina for main campus.

the poster for Making Things Happen

Mark your calendars—next week is the show! We’ll be in the gallery throughout the entire week working on projects and starting to plan for the spring and summer, as well as our regular office hours timeslot (moved into the gallery).