Homework Prep! Resampled Notebooks

We’re gearing up for Homework. It’s going to be fun and you should really consider attending! There’s a few spots left.

If you do decide to attend, you can look forward to receiving one of these fine sketchbooks. Designed by Liisa Salonen, the sketchbooks are recovered paper sample books, rewrapped. They still need to be stamped, maybe this week?

The paper wrap pulls from this stack of multi-brightly-coloured prints — everyone receiving a sketchbook gets to customize their own homework speech bubble.

Liisa wielding an exacto-knife with

Notebooks before transformation.

And after.

Rosina, Sara, and upcoming Homework Artist-in-Residence, Megan Deal, Liisa, and I spent the afternoon late last week prepping these. At the conference, we’ll hand them out, hoping attendees will write lots of notes in them. Then, we’ll take them back, scan them in to make them part of the Homework publication, and then mail them back to everyone!

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