1. Justin, I just wanted to thank you (and Tom) for the great tour of empty spaces in downtown Windsor. Opportunities abound. As I mentioned to our group at the end of the Creative Placemaking Workshop, Windsorites are starting to see the possibilities and think outside the box. It’s through communication and interaction that out-of-the-box thinkers like Windsor’s artist community will be inspired and then inspire others. Well done and thank you, sir.

  2. It looks like the walk was unreal. I was stuck in class trying desperately to learn something, though I have no doubt that I would’ve learned loads more had I attended the walk instead. I’d love to see more photos, PS!

  3. anonymouse

    I enjoyed the whole evening! The rain just made the indoor spaces all the more special. It was very nice to meet enthusiastic people who were visiting Windsor to learn about Windsor and its conditions. This was the best introduction they could have received. I believe we need to move forward with collaborative artist spaces in the downtown area – who is up for further discussion?

  4. What I really got out of this all was a renewed sense of possibility and a real hope that we might indeed be able to find some shareable space sooner rather than later. I’m certainly up for more discussion … it’d be really great to have a storefront space for BCL on a more permanent basis.

  5. […] much of Broken City Lab’s interactions with Windsor, including another recent event, their city walk/think tank excursion. While BCL is Windsor-specific, but their call to action is one that can (and should) be […]

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