1. Emma

    Excellent – I want to do something similar to this, which is post a latest tweet to my arduino’s LCD. I’m not far off, but all the code snippets are in python, which I don’t know – I do know php to an extent – can you possibly post your code?

    • Emma, I’ll definitely post the code soon … it would probably be most useful once I get the Magpie RSS parser integrated. Probably the next post I make, I’ll make sure to include the PHP code thus far.

    • Sure! I think I want to keep going with PHP, just because I’m much more familiar with the language, but if you have something working, it’d be interesting to see if I’m missing anything obvious.


  2. Amy

    hi there!
    OMG nice project u did!
    but im so curious, how do you pull the data from online database to the arduino? how u send the data from DB to the arduino? i meant, i dont get how u made the php directly to the arduino.


    • Amy, right now, I’ve just been pulling in data from a text file, though to do the same from a database would use PHP code to request text from a MySQL database and then sending that through the serial port.

      As for the Twitter feed, I’m using the MagpieRSS library, which I’ll write about more in the next post.

  3. Amy

    hi thanks for the reply.
    may i know how the php pull the message from the text file?
    i dont understand the php coding at line u said specify the device? how u specify it?

    and can u show me the php code that u used?

    thanks in advance for your time :)

    • Check out the PHP Serial class page for more information on how to specify the device, etc. There’s also a number of tutorials on how to set it up, but basically those lines in code just open the connection to the serial device, which in this case, is this Arduino.

      I’ll be posting all the code at the end of the project, but for the time being, it’s a total mess, so I’d rather wait until I can clean it up so it’ll be more useful.

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