1. Marchessault was a professor of mine in the 90s when she was at McGill – she was a great prof. Her recent work sounds just as great.

  2. Really wished I hadn’t had to miss this lecture … I’m curious about the details of the CMHC side of the project. Was that a research goal, or was it actually taken up in some of the projects?

    • Stephen Surlin

      Yes Justin,
      I found some of the most complex and interesting projects referred to the dense histories of the the specific CMHC housing developments in this community and throughout Canada in a larger sense.

      First, you can click this link http://www.leonadrive.ca/LDP_Brochure.pdf to see the map of the site and the locations of each artist’s works.

      Several artists did works relating to the history of an individual house or the entire neighbour hood.

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