Broken City Lab: A Consultancy

a consultancy

We’ll be taking over 406 Pelissier from June 8th-28th and setting up a consultancy to research, investigate, and imagine alternative uses for the entire parking structure located at the corner of Park and Pelissier. Invented studies, statistics, and illustrations will be exhibited and will result in a formal report / action plan for future initiatives in Windsor’s downtown core.

Along with Julie Sando’s Contemporary Visual Culture class show, CVC Citizen Show (running at 424 Pelissier), we’ll have a reception of sorts on June 11th, from 8-11pm in both spaces.

We’ll be working in the space (406 Pelissier) off and on throughout the month.

Work in Progress #2

Work in Progress #2 at LeBel, University of Windsor

Danielle and I will be participating in Work in Progress #2, an MFA/Faculty forum held semi-regularly at the School of Visual Arts. We’ll discuss Broken City Lab and, as Lee Rodney so fittingly put it, “the extreme adventures of artist collectives and collaborations.” As well, Lee will be discussing her new project, a Detroit-Windsor Bookmobile. Plus apple cider! 

The details: Wednesday, December 3 @ 7pm, Room 115, LeBel.

BCL Report – Nov 6, 2008

Broken City Lab's Tetris Tournament + Wheatpaste Demo + sticker making party

Our Tetris Tournament / Wheatpaste Demo / Sticker-Making Party went amazingly well—we successfully hijacked that big TV in the Lebel hallway, the tournament was filled with high-stakes Tetris 2 action (you can see Susan and Craig battling it out above), we demoed our wheatpaste recipe (hot water + flour until its a smoothie-like consistency) and lots of people made stickers for our commemorative plaque. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this thing happen!

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Tetris Tournament & Wheat Paste Demo

Broken City Lab presents Tetris Tournament and Wheat Paste demo

Thursday, November 6 @ 7pm, Broken City Lab is hosting a Tetris Tournament in the halls of LeBel. We’ll also be holding a wheat paste demo / sticker making party.

If you want to play Tetris, sign up in the comments below!

And, if you have a copy of Tetris for Super Nintendo we could use, please get in touch with us!!!