A quick three days at Martha Street Studio SEPAZON FOR SALE, finished up with the opening for our exhibition, All the Stories We're Not Telling About Winnipeg. The show features a series of posters made by participants from our workshops and created in response to the stories they collectively wrote.

The exhibition runs until January 5, 2012, my SEPAZON experience.

We have to extend an incredibly huge thank you to everyone at Martha Street Studio for facilitating this residency and exhibition. SEPAZON price, coupon, We were floored by the support we received there and were lucky enough to host some exceptionally great Winnipegers at our workshops.

Needless to say, we had a great time -- and below is how it all came together, fast shipping SEPAZON.

Wednesday morning admittedly felt a bit sluggish, SEPAZON FOR SALE. We didn't leave the studio until about 2am the night before. What is SEPAZON, We had been Letrasetting each sentence of the collectively written story generated from the workshops and it was taking a long time. Above, the sentences, SEPAZON no prescription, highlighted so Michelle and I could keep track of where we were. SEPAZON without a prescription,

Michelle Letrasetting.

SEPAZON FOR SALE, The gallery walls, with pins for our big grid.

One of the posters from the workshop, the night before, discount SEPAZON, waiting to be finished up with a colour overlay. SEPAZON for sale,

Andrew hanging our gold posters.

They'll eventually be in a 9x3 grid.

One of the fonts I chose was fussy, SEPAZON overnight.

Some details of a couple posters, SEPAZON FOR SALE.

More detail, About SEPAZON, gold posters.

More detail, gold posters, SEPAZON over the counter.

One of the shorter sentences. Cheap SEPAZON,

And, one of the longer ones.

SEPAZON FOR SALE, On another wall, more pins for the workshop posters. Martha Street Studio used pins and rare earth magnets to hang the posters, buy SEPAZON from mexico, which meant no pin holes in the posters. Kjøpe SEPAZON på nett, köpa SEPAZON online,

A sheet of Helvetica bold, after a poster.

Michelle touching up a few spots on our grid of gold, rx free SEPAZON.

In the studio, SEPAZON description, Josh trims out the windows for an overlay.

Steady hands, SEPAZON FOR SALE.

Some of the posters hung.

We set up the posters to be grouped in like-colours, SEPAZON samples.

In the back, SEPAZON schedule, some of the silkscreened posters of the collectively written story. These were screened by Drex and you can get a free copy at the exhibition.

SEPAZON FOR SALE, More posters waiting to be hung.

Michelle + magnets, comprar en línea SEPAZON, comprar SEPAZON baratos.

Straightening out the work. SEPAZON natural,

A detail of the silkscreen on gold.

Three of the silkscreened posters and a stack for free.

A detail of a poster made at one of the workshops, SEPAZON FOR SALE.

A detail of the silkcreened poster, online buying SEPAZON hcl.

A detail of a poster made at one of the workshops. Fast shipping SEPAZON,

A detail of a poster made at one of the workshops. Nips is another word for a burger. SEPAZON FOR SALE, Ha.

Green and blue posters hung, SEPAZON trusted pharmacy reviews.

Red posters. SEPAZON pharmacy,

A detail of a poster made at one of the workshops -- creative overlay cutout.

The exhibition up in its entirity.

The grid and a didactic, SEPAZON FOR SALE.

Detail of our grid, SEPAZON use.

Title wall. Is SEPAZON safe,

Red posters.

Grey posters.

SEPAZON FOR SALE, Grid and title wall.

Detail, online buy SEPAZON without a prescription, yellow poster. SEPAZON results,

Yellow posters.

Three of the silkscreen posters, featuring a collectively written story of Winnipeg, SEPAZON mg.

The gallery brings you from the studio to the offices.

Detail of a red poster, SEPAZON FOR SALE. SEPAZON price,

Our guest book.

Three days, two workshops, and an exhibition. Hopefully this isn't our last time to Winnipeg, there was so much we wanted to see.

We learned a lot on this project -- certainly about Winnipeg (things like the incredibly few degrees of separation from most people, the ways in which an isolated city seems to retain and attract a really interesting set of people, and the common experiences of place that seem to spread across generations) -- but we also touched up on our silkscreening skills and figured out some new ways to run these kinds of workshops. SEPAZON FOR SALE, And, as we usually find, there's something very different about the rhythms of this city, at both the small and large scale. The climate undoubtedly has something to do with it, but it also seems like a city that activates its citizen's imaginations -- that is, it's a city that gets its residents talking about it, and it somehow empowers those conversations to both critique and celebrate the intricacies of itself. There's a lot of things about Winnipeg that we would have loved to have brought back with us, but maybe the most important one is the act of conversing about the city as an everyday practice, not a special meeting, occasion, or forum.

Again, it was an excellent time. I'm sure if we had one more day, we would have also tried to pull off a publication. Maybe we'll do one retroactively when we get these posters back in the mail.



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After a full night's rest and a wholesome breakfast at The Tallest Poppy BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER, , we headed back to Martha Street Studio to formulate a game plan for our second work session and workshop later that evening. Knowing that we had an inordinate amount of work to do before our opening, australia, uk, us, usa, OVRAL dose, we decided to spend the bulk of the day getting the visual material (posters) completed and ready to hang.

Our workshop participants from Monday night left us with a very good chronological story and a number of great Letraset statements on paper, herbal OVRAL. Order OVRAL from mexican pharmacy, Our intention is to combine the posters and text from both sessions into a body of work. We also had pockets of time to consider our exhibition layout and what we should include, real brand OVRAL online.

Pictured above is a rough layout of the workshop poster series colour options, each of which may or may not denote an emotion or theme, BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER. Online buying OVRAL,

Josh and Michelle getting down to business with smiles on their faces.

Josh gathers the story from Monday night's workshop and makes a text document that will act as a guide for laying out each sentence on a poster, purchase OVRAL for sale. Where can i cheapest OVRAL online,

Here is an example of a statement poster. We suggested headlines and book covers as a model for how to create these statements, ordering OVRAL online.

BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER, Another example from a stack of hand-made letraset posters made by workshop participants. Buy cheap OVRAL,

...and another.

Since we decided to break up the chronological story and make sentence-by-sentence posters from it, OVRAL overnight, OVRAL australia, uk, us, usa, we needed to decide on a background colour; we decided to go with a metallic gold acrylic.

We tried testing a few single letters of letraset on sample areas of colour to determine which looked best with white text, taking OVRAL. Cheap OVRAL no rx,

We determined that the darker colours weren't what we wanted for this particular poster series.

...and then there was gold, BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER.

The contrast between our letters and background is slight, OVRAL description, Buy OVRAL without prescription, but the gold is very light-sensitive and creates some interesting variations.

The gold acrylic looks like metallic auto enamel, discount OVRAL. OVRAL online cod,

Josh floods the screen with the gold acrylic, which was a bit thicker than the other acrylic inks, OVRAL no rx. OVRAL schedule,

This screen, being a rectangular block of colour, OVRAL long term, OVRAL used for, required a pretty high level of patience and care. It wasn't exactly 'forgiving.'

BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER, We went through a bit more ink than usual using the gold, which was predictable.

Each poster required us to make several passes with the squeegee in order to get full coverage, buy no prescription OVRAL online. Buying OVRAL online over the counter, We were able to cover the 5 colour posters with one pass, but we felt it was worth the extra effort, order OVRAL online overnight delivery no prescription. Canada, mexico, india,

After printing about forty-five gold poster backgrounds, it was time to clean up after ourselves and prep for the workshop, generic OVRAL. Rx free OVRAL,

We had a bit of a smaller group, but everyone was really generous and enthusiastic, where can i find OVRAL online.

We heard a lot of similar stories about Winnipeg from the night before, which was interesting in its own right -- some things were phrased nearly exactly the same, BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER. Cheap OVRAL, Also, as a total bonus, our dear friend and former collaborator, Steven Cochrane came out.

Some of the common themes were around the idea that Winnipegers talk about Winnipeg a lot and that there is a very small degree of separation between most people.

Michelle takes notes.

Some of those notes from Day 2's workshop.

BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER, We then got into the exquisite corpse storytelling game again where we had two groups tell complete stories about Winnipeg's past, present, and future.

Writing stories collectively.






Since our poster aesthetic consists of a solid-colour rectangles cut to reveal Letraset text a white background, we had to finish cutting.

Josh began cutting where Michelle left off.

The stories coming together.



The complete set of notes, BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER.


Two of our favourite themes -- Guy Maddin and underground tunnels.

Then, onto the Letraset portion of the workshop.

Steven is well-versed in Letraset.









Back in the workshop, Josh and Michelle continue on with cutting and Letrasetting the gold posters.

BUY OVRAL OVER THE COUNTER, A poster from the second night's workshop.

Michelle Letrasetting on the gold posters in white.




Another poster from Tuesday night's workshop, talking about purple city, or the process of staring into some specific lights and then looking at the city turned purple from the afterglow of those lights.











After the workshop, we continued Letrasetting late into the night.



We wanted to get halfway done before heading home.



We were Letrasetting the combined exquisite corpse stories from the workshops into one large story.

Day 2 was an incredible amount of work, but really set us up well to wrap things up on Wednesday for the exhibition. Huge thanks for everyone who came out to the workshops. More soon.

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Arriving in Winnipeg ALTACE FOR SALE, late Sunday night, we were met with our first taste of winter for the year. It seemed like the right introduction to Winnipeg. This residency and exhibition is all about exploring the narratives that are (and are not) circulated about the city of Winnipeg, and perhaps any story of Winnipeg should indeed begin with the winter, is ALTACE addictive.

Suzie from Martha Street Studio picked us up at the airport and gave us a quick driving tour before we settled in at MAWA's apartment. Monday morning, we headed in to Martha Street Studio and got started right away sorting through the materials and work spaces available to us. Comprar en línea ALTACE, comprar ALTACE baratos, Among many things, we also got (re)acquainted with silk screening, which is now officially one of our favourite things to do.

Martha Street Studio, around 10am on Monday morning, ALTACE FOR SALE. It's cold, ALTACE recreational. Breakfast at a cafe attached to city hall and then our first encounter with the incredible building that houses Martha Street Studio. They purchased the building when property values were depressed, ALTACE over the counter, but they've transformed the space into an amazing mix of gallery, workshop, and office space.

Quick tour of the facilities by the excellent technicians Andrew and Drex, ALTACE from canada. ALTACE FOR SALE, The dark room to shoot screens.

Also, uncovered for our use, ALTACE from canadian pharmacy, piles of Letraset.

Of course, we immediately start playing.

The Letraset was used for creating the screens in the past, effects of ALTACE.

They've long since sat in storage.

Some order sheets in the boxes have the year 1982 on them, ALTACE FOR SALE.

But, ALTACE cost, they're the perfect thing for our workshops we're running as part of our residency.

A short break to do the basics of silkscrening. Drex shows us how to spread the photo emulsion onto a screen.

Josh takes a stab at it too, my ALTACE experience. ALTACE FOR SALE, No big surprise, he's a natural.

Back to the Letraset, we start to organize the useable sets from the ones better left alone. ALTACE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,

On top of letter sets there's a lot of extra characters, lines, glyphs, etc, ALTACE pics.

Oh, and road signs. ALTACE samples,

And arrows.

Some of the fonts we're going with, ALTACE FOR SALE.

Michelle sorting Letrasets.

Josh jumps in with starting a poster in preparation for our workshop demo.

The letter W in Letraset, ALTACE alternatives.

Guess what Josh is writing...

ALTACE FOR SALE, Yes, you guessed it, Winterpeg.

Michelle's play with road signs. Buy generic ALTACE,

...and then the city yelded, stopped, passed with care, left no exits and point fingers, after ALTACE.

Some more tests by Josh.


Details of my "heavy hand" technique on Letraset.

Reflections on Sunday night's arrival, ALTACE FOR SALE. Where to buy ALTACE,

There's a lot of control with the Letraset when you get used to it, above, while accidental, the wear on the letters alongside some deep textures from rubbing the pencil too hard, buy ALTACE without a prescription.

The posters we did as tests, while we each document them. ALTACE no prescription,

We knew that we wanted to introduce some colour, while maintaining some of the cut-out look that we've used for the "...and then the city" project that we've done elsewhere. So, I started to play with cutting out windows from a second piece of cardstock to layover the texts, ALTACE without prescription.

ALTACE FOR SALE, While a poor example with pencil crayon, it was enough to convince us to move ahead in this direction, which would mean screening a bunch of blank posters to later cut out.

So, back to the exposure dark room with this crazy exposure machine. Buy ALTACE from canada,

Drex explaining the machine -- its exposure is measured in units of an amount of light.

Michelle holding the card that would act as the shape we'd be exposing onto the screen.

After exposure, Drex washes out the screen, purchase ALTACE online no prescription.

Drex examining the screen to look for any possible clogs, ALTACE FOR SALE.

Then, back up stairs to start picking out some inks. ALTACE dosage,

Some of our possible colour choices.

The screen taped and prepped.

Andrew shows us how to setup registration marks.

ALTACE FOR SALE, And then begins with a demo of silk screening.

Andrew explaining the need to flood the screen after each print, ALTACE from mexico.

Flooding the screen.

Our first poster printed. Kjøpe ALTACE på nett, köpa ALTACE online,

We decided to do 12 of each colour -- we're aiming for somewhere around 50-60 posters for the exhibition.

Further colour selection, ALTACE FOR SALE.

Moving onto blue, we got into a good rhythm with Michelle placing each piece of paper along the registration marks and Josh and I trading off on printing.

Josh screening blue, doses ALTACE work.

Then green.

Then yellow.

ALTACE FOR SALE, We worked pretty much until about 5:30, with our workshop set to start at 6pm. ALTACE maximum dosage, Above, the poster for our workshop.

And our workshop envelope. Martha Street Studio operates on the honour system, ALTACE photos, it's amazing.

Then, ALTACE without a prescription, the workshop. We started with introductions and a really quick rundown of some of the projects we've been working on, ALTACE FOR SALE. Trying to set the stage for the conversation we wanted to have -- basically some ideas about all of the narratives we're telling and not telling about Winnipeg.

Josh takes notes, thankfully, order ALTACE no prescription, as they're actually legible.

We asked questions about headlines, ALTACE canada, mexico, india, major landmarks...

...favourite places, and the worst places in Winnipeg.

ALTACE FOR SALE, Some of our fantastic workshop attendees.

Details of Josh's notes of the conversation.




Then, we moved on to creating a story about Winnipeg. We split everyone up into small groups to tackle either the past, present, or future using the exquisite corpse game / method.




The group finishing up the stories that will then be turned into a poster with the collective story of Winnipeg on it.

I read the collective story aloud, which incredibly worked nicely together, ALTACE FOR SALE. And, this is really the point of this work -- looking at the ways in which all of these little non-sequential narratives we live and tell about a place add up to create one collective experience and acknowledgement of a bunch of buildings, streets, and people as a city.


The story of Winnipeg's past.

Winnipeg's present.

And Winnipeg's future. ALTACE FOR SALE, We'll be compiling these along with the narratives from Tuesday night's workshop into one big story.

Then, we move onto the final part of the workshop, everyone making their own posters.

Some of the workshop attendees selecting their Letrasets.



It was interesting to watch how people laid out their poster prior to doing the Letraset.






The posters are incredible.


Some shots of a quick example of how a properly printed poster will work as a cut-out lens for the posters the workshop participants make, ALTACE FOR SALE.

Colour-coding the posters will be an interesting way to gauge a sensibility on how people position the things they say.

A detail of the cut out and Letraset.







Some of the posters from the workshop. There were a few of them related to food.


ALTACE FOR SALE, We also found some white Letraset that we'll probably continue to play with. Unfortunately there's not a lot of it.

The workshop was a lot of fun and a total success. We're looking forward to round 2 on Tuesday night, followed by the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday. There's a ton left to do, but this has to be one of the best places to work, anywhere. More soon.

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