BCL Report – Nov 1, 2008

In preparation of our upcoming Tetris Tournament / Wheat Paste Demo / Sticker Making Party, we had made a list of supplies and had set out to find the goods at (what we thought) was an obvious choice—Value Village. At the top of our list was a hot plate, Tetris for SNES, and supplies for making a trophy. However, after nearly 4 hours of searching, those things remain on our list… instead we found other treasures…

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BCL Report – Oct 9, 2008

On Thursday night, on what was supposed to be a test run for projecting on the side of the Jackman Building (the new drama building at the University of Windsor), Broken City Lab ended up exploring a number of locations on campus armed with a projector, a laptop, and a really long extension cord. Originally, we just wanted make sure we could secure power from the building, that the image could look reasonable projected onto brick and that there wasn’t any undue alarm. In planning for our upcoming “Night of the Living Broken City” (more details coming soon here), we had moved the location of the screening to campus, but had no idea if the logistics would work.

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Bio Graff

What you need:

A good large base canvas. (One on the pavement, preferably).

A sweet substance. (preferably with a control spout. I.e. honey, Chocolate syrup).

A shitload of ants. (preferably the friendly kind.)

we all have experienced this very familar phenomenon take place on the sidewalk, in the corner of a high school hallway, and in some cases your bedroom. A piece of food is dropped, and within minutes it becomes saturated with eager ants. This little spectacle of nature is what inspired Bio Graff.

Think of a really important message, one you want to tell everyone. Take your sweet substance and draw that message upon the pavement. Within moments this message will become live with thousands of little ants clammering for a piece of that sweet, sweet message.

Indian Road

Broken City Lab presents preliminary documentation of a section of Indian Road, a street located immediately west of the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario. This area is one of our potential research sites. Ideas?

Tea Time

We spent quite a while this evening trying to perfect our tea recipe and then brewing almost 20 litres of it, in preparation of the upcoming Dance Party. In the photo above, we were in the middle of trying to figure out the best way to funnel the pots of tea into our reused (and cleaned) 2 litre bottles. We settled on transferring from the pot to another container with a lip on it, which made it infinitely easier to get the tea into the 2 litres, and gave us the opportunity to do some straining in between. We’ll post our recipe for the tea soon. We also re-evaluated our previous origami attempts and came up with a better solution, in time for our Wednesday Seedbomb demo.

BCL Report – August 22, 2008

I’m not sure why we didn’t start doing this earlier, but here’s the first report of our weekly activities. We’ve been meeting on Fridays for almost half the summer, trying to make, plan, and do events/projects/demos/awesome. Today involved us revisiting our seed bomb recipe, beginning the stenciling for posters for our upcoming Dance Party (details soon), and plotting our next adventures.

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