Sphinxxx: The Sound of Windsor by Chris Flanagan

Sphinxxx - The Sound of Windsor (2013)

Sphinxxx: The Sound of Windsor by Chris Flanagan

Exhibition on view from December 5th to 30th – Opening Reception on Thursday, December 5th at 7pm – CIVIC Space (411 Pelissier Street, Windsor)

Chris Flanagan has created a site-specific installation work based on Windsor’s musical history and hypothetical stories based on the city’s relationship with Detroit and waves of migration. He will be presenting this work (artifacts, sound clips, and process documentation) at CIVIC Space and around the city.

Please join us on Thursday, December 5th at 7pm for an opening reception and to explore the artifacts Chris has uncovered. The artist will be present and is looking forward to discussing Windsor / Detroit’s musical histories. If you’re unable to make it to the opening, the exhibition will be up in CIVIC Space until the end of December.

Chris Flanagan is a Toronto-based installation artist. His work is concerned with music, secret societies and fabricated historical narratives. He has exhibited widely in public galleries across Australia and Canada.

For more information, please visit: www.chrisflanaganart.com


Opt0ut Man: A Department of Unusual Certainties Project


Opt0ut Man: A Department of Unusual Certainties Project

November 8th to 30th – CIVIC Space (411 Pelissier Street, Windsor, Ontario)

Join us November 23rd, between noon to 5pm, to talk taxes!

We’re thrilled to announce that our good friends Chris & Simon of Department of Unusual Certainties (they have worked with us here and here and will be part of Neighbourhood Spaces 2014) are back in Windsor putting together Opt0ut Man, the first stage of a project exploring issues around taxation.

Opt0ut Man is everyone – the belief that we give, but do not receive. Our society has been built on the ideal that we are all in this together. Increasingly we stand witness to changing ideas of what building a society means – a strong individual, means a strong country. The old adage that there are only two certain things in life, taxes and death, begs the question of what life do we want?

Opt0ut Man is an exploration of thoughts, opinions, opportunities, facts and consequences responding to the premise “What would happen if an individual had the option of opting out of the tax system?” expressed as a story. Seen for the first time in CIVIC Space, it is the first stage of longer term project.

Department of Unusual Certainties // www.DoUC.ca

Founded in 2010, Department of Unusual Certainties integrates the partial perspectives gleaned from its members committed explorations of a range of disciplines towards the creation of a truly Public Art. Over the last 24 months, DoUC has published work in magazines in North American and European. They have also exhibited projects across Canada, as well as at the 2012 Venice Biennale of Architecture and at the Prado Media Lab. They were strategic partner to Migrating Landscapes Organizers, curators of the Canadian Pavilion 2012 Venice Biennale of Architecture; and were the 2011 Innovators in Residence at the Design Exchange, Canada’s design museum.

Watershed+ Residency Day 1: Getting Acquainted


We have finally arrived to Calgary, Alberta after a delay in travel due to the insane flooding that has happened in the area. The city seems as though nothing even happened, but our minds will soon be changed. Upon arrival we were given a schedule filled with people to talk to and things to see for the next week.


We started our day at the Water Centre. There’s such a huge amount of people that work that this place, it reminded me a lot of Chryslers back in Windsor.


Tristan Surtrees, Watershed+ Residency’s lead artist, started our morning off by giving us a brief history of the Water Centre, its architecture, the types of people that work there, and the impact that this type of facility can have on a city like Calgary.


Our first official meeting at the Water Centre was with Sylvia Trosch, who is the Lead for the Outreach at City of Calgary Water Resources. We had a great conversation with her about how it’s important for the citizens of Calgary to understand the watershed, especially in light of the recent flooding.


Tristan and Sylvia survey a map of where the watershed extends to. The Bow Glacier is the starting point for Calgary’s water source and is our destination spot for Saturday.




Sylvia gave us examples of booklets that she created for Calgarians to begin understanding better ways of conserving water and most importantly, understanding the water cycle.


There’s also a kid friendly version.


After our meeting with Sylvia, Tristan gave us a manual for Watershed+ that is full of valuable information on Calgary, its watershed, and how artists have been interacting with it.







Here is a grid of images related to Calgary’s water infrastructure.


One of the incredible things about Calgary’s rivers is how much they bend and turn. The results are some pretty incredible arial shots of the city, making it look like someone’s doodle/sketch pad.






Information on how the residency is run. We are lucky enough to have been chosen to take part in the first ever version of this residency.


Watershed+ brand image and logo graphics.


More old construction photographs.


Concept sketches.


Joshua hard at work.


Uploading, scanning, capturing.


The water bottle for the water resources in the Water Centre…WATER.


Rachel Duckhouse is a fellow artist-in-residence who has been in Calgary for almost 6 months. Her residency has been extended until October, so her studio has been relocated from Ralph Klein Park to Spark.




As we walk up to Rachel’s studio, she points out to us that the Spark Science Centre offers younger children their own studio space where they are encouraged to build, destroy, collaborate, and think through new ways of problem solving.


All projects are open-ended with the intention that on the next cycle, a new group of kids will be able to come in and re-imagine something someone else has made.


Real tools develop real skills.


Dissembling stuffed animals only to re-sew them back with new parts.


This is the workshop that Spark has given Rachel access to if she need to cut or build anything larger than her studio. They have a really amazing laser cutter set up in there.




The second meeting of the day was with Twyla Hutchison, who is 1 in 2 planning engineers for the City of Calgary. She shared with us a lot of amazing information about the flood that occurred in June and how her research and emergency planning from all these years past was crucial in the evacuation of a lot of Calgarians. She leant this book to Rachel for her research.


Flipping through all the data.


Rachel shares with us the body of work she’s created during her residency.




The body of work she created in Calgary is based off of the way water flows, whether it be in the rivers, through the sanitation plants, or even the homes that were affected by the flood.




The Bow River.


Rachel encapsulated her project aims for us while we toured her studio. She has been thinking through the many ways of representing the movement of water in rivers and around objects. This has been accomplished mostly with ink and paper, but also with plasticine and slices of transparent plastic. Awesome stuff.

Tomorrow we have another day of exploration ahead of us. Stay tuned!

Meet, Greet, & Eat with Local and Visiting Neighbourhood Spaces (NS) Artists-in-Residence

NS 2013 - 2014 Artists

Meet, Greet, & Eat with local and visiting Neighbourhood Spaces (NS) Artists-in-Residence

Friday, August 9th from 7 – 9PM, as part of Windsor’s Downtown Culture Crawl @ Civic Space (411 Pelissier Street, Windsor, Ontario)

You are invited to meet five of the ten artists selected for Neighbourhood Spaces (NS), Windsor & Region’s new socially-engaged artist residency program. Supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), NS is a partnership between Broken City Lab (BCL), Arts Council Windsor & Region (ACWR) and the City of WindsorStop in Broken City Lab’s CIVIC SPACE, enjoy a bite to eat and learn about the artists, their residency projects and the NS Program.

NS Artists in Attendance:

Arturo Herrera (Windsor, ON) @ Migrant Workers Community Program, Leamington

Ariana Jacob (Portland, OR) @ Unemployed Help Center & Tecumseh Mall (select dates)

Lisa Lipton (Halifax, NS) @ Atkinson Skate Park

Kenneth MacLeod (Windsor, ON) @ Sandwich Teen Action Group & Windsor Youth Centre

Dan McCafferty (Windsor, ON) @ Ford City Neighbourhood

Food and light refreshments will be provided and Arturo Herrera will be making his famous handmade tortillas.

To learn more about Neighbourhood Spaces (NS), the artists and their projects, visit: www.acwr.net/ns or www.brokencitylab.org/ns Follow the program on the NS Blog & like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.

Alana Bartol, Program Coordinator
Neighbourhood Spaces: Windsor & Region Artist in Residence Program
o. 519-252-2787
A partnership between “The Collaborative” : Arts Council – Windsor & Region, Broken City Lab and The City of Windsor. This program is made possible through the generous financial support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Homework Residency: Day 2, Voting on Rooftops & Other Endeavours

So, the report on Day 2 of our Homework Residency is going to be delayed, as we’re still gathering documentation. But, this picture seemed like a good start to introducing the day.

More to come, soon. Updated: there’s lots of photos that attempt to document the day, but it’s impossible to chart together a narrative to cover it all.

In the meantime, you can check out more on our Artists-in-ResidenceGet acquainted with everyone here!

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