Installing at Forest City Gallery

We spent the weekend in London, Ontario. We were installing for our upcoming exhibition at Forest City Gallery, while also briefly wondering about what it would be like to not do site specific work. Anyways, you should plan to come to the opening on September 9th! We’re working on an installation using our “…and then the city” […]

Homework: Conference Schedule & Presenters

After a long wait, we’re very excited to announce the (working) schedule for our upcoming conference, Homework: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices! We’ll be updating this page with information regarding the venues shortly. Please note that the following is subject to change, but this is what we’re planning so far: DAY 1: October 21, […]

A Set of Informal Questions about London, Ontario

We want to know about London, Ontario. We’re doing an exhibition at Forest City Gallery, opening in September, and we’re looking into the wide range of narratives that go into constructing a place — the architecture, the headlines, the people, the memories, the relationships, the rumours — and we’re hoping you can help us out. Whether you’re […]

Accommodations & Details on Attending Homework

Homework: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices is just two months away and we’ll be announcing a lot of information around the conference schedule and activities in the coming weeks. First though, we wanted to post some information for those of you traveling from out of town. Accommodations Group Rates We have secured a group […]

Olaf Mooij – Braincar

The Braincar is a new mobile sculpture/multimedia project by artist Olaf Mooij. His general idea, inspired by his interest in our connection to automobiles, was to create an car that could capture images throughout its day travels and “dream” about them at night. By “dream”, he means modify or “remix” the images in some kind […]

Make This Better: Drouillard Road

Here is some good news: Amidst the biased newspaper articles and the rumoured reputations, Drouillard Road is actually in an okay place. A year or two ago, I was irked by a few things I had read in a familiar news source, depicting residents as downtrodden and troublesome, crimes and drug deals treated as the […]

Keynotes Announced for Homework!

We are very pleased to announce our Keynote Speakers for Homework: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices! Gregory Sholette, Marisa Jahn, and Temporary Services (represented by Salem Collo-Julin) will join us on October 21 and 22, 2011 to deliver a keynote panel and round-table discussions. There’s still time to register — and it’s free! HOMEWORK: Infrastructures […]

Attending Homework is Free!

HOMEWORK: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices is four-day residency, two-day conference, and collaboratively-written publication aimed at generating conversation around the following: alternative infrastructures, radical collaboration, social practice, art implicated in social change, neighbourhood-level activities, city-wide imaginations, site-specific curiosities, tactical resistance, new models for art education and research. Facilitated by Broken City Lab, HOMEWORK calls on artists, scholars, writers, thinkers, […]

ATTC Calgary: Unfolding the Cycles of a City on Billboards & in Print

On the final day of our ATTC Calgary residency, the billboards launched. We headed out in the early afternoon with Randy to document them all. Alongside highways, on the sides of buildings in the downtown core, and mixed in with other urban-fringe architecture. The billboards stood deeply embedded and clearly removed from the landscape, at […]

A City Feeling Better

This week I decided to do something productive in my spare time and I ended up with this! I made some message boxes and put them around the city. These boxes work much in the same way that those numbered tickets at the deli do. However, instead of pulling down and getting a number, the strips […]

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