1. darren

    I think that one that looks like braille, if it’s the windsor star building, used to have letters there saying “The Windsor Star”. Still can’t believe no one tore down that old Canadian Tire sign too. Especially with the cost of recycling steel being so high.

    • Ah! Good call on the Windsor Star sign. I should have realized since I knew it was attached to the Star building. So many long forgotten signs around. Looking forward to catalogues some more soon.

      • darren

        It’s was back when the star was still printing the paper down there. I miss those days. Was metal letters.

        I don’t know if you made your book yet? I just finished many days of editing old digital journals to be printed at blurb soon. Their software was a bit of a pain, but I was able to get all this old journal writing into book form. Will be ordering about 9 books soon. It will be nice to see all this old journal writing I did in book form soon.

  2. […] That is what brought me to think, “what if you worked with a community to convert certain signs, one’s that are there but not exactly in service, or are formalities, like a giant sign on the side of a massive parking garage that says “PARKING”. For instance, here are some of the signs that Justin Langlois made note of while on a dérive in an earlier blog post. […]

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