1. Amy

    hi there
    here some question about how u pull the data from database.
    u made 1 .php file to get the data, and then u also add some code to the arduino C program right? is it the idea how u send database to the arduino?

    thanks in advance :)

    • Amy, in this case, I’m not pulling any data from a database, just working off of the Twitter feed’s RSS. I haven’t written any code to pull from a MySQL database, just from a text file and then used the Magpie library for the RSS.

      On the Arduino side, yes, there is some code that receives data from the serial port, formats it in terms of starting new lines when appropriate, new pages, and clearing the screen. When the project is done, I’ll post the Arduino code as well.

  2. Nice post mate, any chance of the source code ?
    I am starting with arduino and learn the best way to integrate Twiiter and Arduino using php and API.

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