1. Rosina

    For some reason this post made more sense to me than your other ones, and now I slightly understand what you’re doing! This is some crazy stuff, Justin.

    • Glad to hear this one made more sense to you — hopefully it will make sense to me when I look back on it in a week or so when I start up the next part of this.

      The bigger idea is to have these installed in some public space, and not just receiving any Twitter messages, but messages that are responding to where the LCDs are installed, and also the potential to have text messages there as well!

      You should help me solder! :)

  2. kevin


    Glad to see you got it working :)

    I am curious to see the code. I am actually creating something similar except I am using Processing to send data.

    • Kevin, thanks!

      The Arduino code mainly just looks for characters to insert line breaks where needed, as directed by the PHP script. Since the LCDs I’m working with like to jump the text from Line 1 to Line 3 then Line 2 to Line 4, I had to manually keep track of it. I think that there’s a library that does this now (though I can’t recall it off the top of my head), and I imagine my implementation is considerably cruder, but it works for me for now. The PHP code basically does some string analysis and manipulation (and now with the help of Magpie, parses the RSS feed from Twitter), and then passes the text through a serial port.

      Your graphic LCD project is interesting … looking forward to seeing what comes of it!

      PS. I like the look of your blog … interesting to not just seeing things happen in a linear time line, but it really allows a readability across space a bit as well.

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