Researching Ribbons, Preparing for this Week’s Events

Tuesday was all about research. We looked up some more details on ribbons and talked more about how we would move forward with the Sites of Apology / Sites of Hope event.

We’re also getting ready for Sunday’s event, Listen to the City (remember, 8pm at Phog), and for Thursday night’s projection performance at Propeller in Toronto.

We were also in the University of Windsor‘s Daily News for the Save the City project!

Tuesday mornings always start out with brainstorming.

We’ve been trying to sort out how to make all the Save the City events work as well as possible.

With Sites of Apology / Sites of Hope, we’ve been thinking about how best to recognize all of the places we’re hoping to brainstorm with everyone who comes out in February. I think this is a good picture of the moment that it hit us.

We had talked about getting large ribbons on Friday, but today we found the right ones.

These are serious ribbons and are perfect for what we have in mind.

So we went about making notes on what we’d like these ribbons to look like.

There’s a hot chartreuse — it’s an awesome neon yellow…

Later we went to Green Bean to get some coffee and talk about Thursday’s event at Propeller.

We spent time starting to gather all the answers we’ve received to our questions and started to make a larger list of fill-in-the-blank statements and questions.

We’re trying to come up with a sort of sprawling list of texts and ideas that address the public realm, how we experience it, how we forget about it, and how its used and misused.

Back to the ribbons — later in the evening, I called the fine folks at Centaur Awards. They were really, really professional, and helpful. If only print shops could be so helpful.

And here’s what we’re likely going with — THE ULTIMATE GRAND — with different colours of course. So, another productive and fun meeting!

We’re finalizing all the details for Sunday’s event, and we’re sure it’s going to be a really, really interesting experience to get to hear so many stories about this city. January 24th – 8pm at PHOG — you’ll be there, right? We want to hear your stories about this city!!!!

Broken City Lab: Save the City is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

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  1. The photo of Michelle, Josh and I is hilarious because we’re all doing something different with our hands/arms. Awesome meeting though! Lots of productivity!

    1. We are definitely trying to buy local as much as we can! We’re getting our printing done locally at Perfect Print, any equipment we’re renting is from the area, and any other supplies that we can get local, we will.

      From the research we did, we didn’t find that there wasn’t a place in Windsor that specialized in hand-making these kinds of ribbon, so that’s why we looked to Centaur…

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