Dispatches on Max Patches


Updates from Paul, as he works on the Max Patch for our window installation project, currently in R&D phase. This is an image of the main patch in its larval form. Generates a filename with a time and date stamp and records audio to it with adjustable amplification. Next step is to make it upload […]

Listen Now: In Conversation with the Department of Unusual Certainties @ the DX

Screen Shot 2012-01-12 at 4.33.34 PM

We’re so happy to be able to post this — the audio from the interview Justin and Michelle did with the Department of Unusual Certainties at the Design Exchange back in December!!! We’ll be returning the favour, hopefully soon. D/X Saloon Night: DoUC in conversation with BCL by DoUC

Listen to the City: an Overview

Back in January, we asked nearly 40 people two questions: Why did you first come to Windsor? and Why are you still here? We asked those questions at an event called, Listen to the City, which was the first part of the five-month long project, Save the City. It was an incredible night. The answers […]

SRSI, Day 15: Evening Projections & Conversations

Another Friday night open house gave the SRSI participants a great opportunity to show projections and engage in discussions about their experiences and feelings about working in Windsor.

SRSI, Day 11: Norman’s Crush and Getting Organized

On Monday, Norman Eberstein patrolled the alley, The Department of Unusual Certainties decorated their office and did some brainstorming, Thea Jones and Stephen Surlin moved in.

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