1. Carley

    Wow! This is really interesting. Putting the ability to make apps at a non-developers level is going to open so many doors. Some good, some bad im sure. But the plus side is more variety in what we will see and more suited apps to our personal needs. I would love to download this on my Iphone (once i obtain one!) as i myself get tons of “battlescars.” Great stuff Michelle!

    • Michelle

      Carley, thanks! for your imput. As non-developers start to get the resources to create, it’s important to think about how Apps don’t necessarily need to be useful or provide information, they can be works of art as well!

  2. So great to see some of your work up here Michelle, and I especially love that last screenshot, “I skated and fell.”

    Also, thanks for reminding me to get moving on finishing this project, long overdue, but very inspiring to see you get this off the ground so quickly! Is there a way to gauge how far along the iTunes process your app is?

    • Michelle

      Thom, Love it. Wish they had an MFA, but super interesting to see this type of study at an undergraduate level. I can’t help but thinking that Justin would make a great addition to the faculty who teach in this area.

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