Mailbox Prototypes and Organizational Systems for Civic Maintenance


We’re in the preparation stages for an upcoming project called Civic Maintenance. The project will be based around the writing and distributing of a thousand letters (give or take) to residents of Windsor, thanking them for staying in the city, or contributing to it, or somehow having an impact on it, or maybe all of […]

Make This Better: Drouillard Road

Here is some good news: Amidst the biased newspaper articles and the rumoured reputations, Drouillard Road is actually in an okay place. A year or two ago, I was irked by a few things I had read in a familiar news source, depicting residents as downtrodden and troublesome, crimes and drug deals treated as the […]

BCL Report: February 4, 2011 (Repairs and Reviews)

A Friday with everyone around the table usually translates into a lot of excellent new ideas, and yesterday was no exception! We spent the evening reviewing the progress we’ve made on some initial research and may have  sparked an entirely new direction for the project. All of the excitement is after the jump!

Make This Better: Ripper’s Valley

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of posts as we temporarily install these letters across the city to generate some conversation and creative thinking around how we can indeed make this (place) better. You can check out the process of making these letters in this archive of posts. Ripper’s Valley is visible […]

Prepping for Next Week- Last Coats and Beads!

Yet another extremely productive weekend at BCL HQ! We’ve been finishing up the last preparations for our cardboard letters, which we hope to be unveiling them in our first chosen spot next week!

Red Paint & Testing Glass Beads

We made a lot of progress tonight, not only getting a considerable way through the first coat of red paint, but also testing a variety of techniques for applying the retroreflective glass beads! We also got to spend some time talking through how we’ll be temporarily installing the letters in a variety of spaces. We […]

Finishing Phase Three and Experimenting with Colour

We are already nearing the end of our priming process for our letters after only beginning last week!  While we got to painting the rest of the letters on Friday, I prepared a few things earlier in the week for our next step, painting the letters in a fabulous bright red.

Primer: Another Friday Night’s Worth of Collectively Making Things Happen

We’re on to priming the letters now, in anticipation of the bright red coat we’ll be giving them in the coming weeks. Things are moving ahead at a good pace, and hopefully will continue to, as we’d love to not be working with these finished letters in snow. While we do get together every week, […]

The Letters are Done Phase 2!!!

We did it. With a lot of help, we plowed through the remaining eight letters, finishing the papier maché part of the process towards completing our ongoing large-cardboard letters project. On Friday night, we had ten people around the table, including our dear Cristina for a short while, and it was great!!! Next on the to-do list — get […]

Retroreflective Glass Beads Have Arrived, Weeks of Work Ahead!

On Friday night we played with some new things that Rosina brought over — retroreflective glass beads to be exact. We also made it through another three letters doing papier maché! And, we selected a colour for the letters, again thanks to Rosina doing some recon on paint chips.

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