1. erin

    woo, my picture makes it as the album cover! haha
    i think it would be interesting to explore the east end, a place i am very unfamiliar with. or walkerville, for it’s old beauty.

  2. wooow, i totally missed this post on my google reader. i’ve been waiting and waiting. how silly.

    i enjoy the fact that some groups took tons of extra pictures : ) dan and i stuck to taking exactly what was on the sheet, so it’s nice to actually see the people that made up the groups in some of the pictures.

    i’d love to go on another walk. i vote for walkerville too. it’s a place i basically never go but wish i did.

    at the next walk, would it be possible to meet back somewhere close by and upload everyone’s pictures and then project them on a wall so we can talk about them together? with this way, we probably would have to limit the number of pictures we take and delete “bad” ones before uploading, just so the presentation afterwards is more concentrated on the algorithm and what we saw during the walk. what do you think?

    • Samantha, Walkerville is a great idea and some other folks have mentioned things even further east, so we’ll definitely have to pull something together for sometime in November.

      I also think that meeting back to upload everyone’s photos and then have a talk about their experiences would be AWESOME… so, after we decide a general area for the walk, we’ll have to figure out a meeting place that we can all sit and relax and chat a bit. Any ideas?

      • oooh, further east sounds good to me : )

        at the end of the last walk, i was totally expecting to somehow look at everyone’s photos and discuss them which is why we stuck around waiting for something to happen, lol.

        hmm, i don’t really know where we could meet, especially since we don’t have a general location set yet. there are a few art galleries and cafes in Pillette Village (that i’ve never been to before). i’m not sure if any places like that would have room or be willing to let us hang out for a bit and project things onto their wall. i’m trying to think of that one gallery space that anyone can rent, i think it’s on wyandotte in the east somewhere, but i can’t think of its name. i’m sure someone will help us out.

        • Arts Council is the gallery space i was talking about. so if we walk around Walkerville before 5pm, maybe we can meet there. i’ve never been there either, so i’m not sure if this is even a good idea lol

  3. erin

    leesa had mentioned a vacant lot near wyandotte and pillette where her parents used to have a house, maybe that would be an interesting spot to meet up?

    • Erin, absolutely, I believe we’d be remiss not to visit the site—Leesa is doing some really great work in and around there. Good call!

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